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On to Ottawa,
or Dover Beach

Confused armies of repression and rebellion
clash over the Truckers’ Convoy

Greg Klein | February 8, 2022

Truckers Convoy in Kingston

A convoy contingent stops in Kingston en route to Ottawa.
(Photo: Elliot Ferguson/Kingston Whig-Standard)


Does anyone know just what’s going on? This is a monumental development, and not just because it’s grabbed the world’s attention. Yet we have so little clear info.

Desperate to imitate their Yank role models, Canada’s MSM hoped for activity that could be portrayed—with Yank-imitating phantasmagorical dishonesty—as an “insurrection.” Disappointed, media continue their anti-trucker bias with typical zealotry.

If informed, articulate alternatives exist, they’re hard to find. Rebel News tries, but generally online videos, bloggers and social media have proved inadequate. We learn little from most of these hurried tweets, horn-honking videos, and podcasts and blogs that (typical of so many podcasts and blogs on any subject) at best belabour the obvious.

Has a leader emerged? Any articulate spokespeople? Do they stand for anything other than mandate opposition? (Of course that alone brands them as dangerous enemies of Turdeauvia.)

Any consequences, good or bad? Regime ruthlessness manifests itself in tactics ranging from Go Fund Me bait-and-switch (February 10 update: Ontario now has a court order freezing money received by a second online contribution site) to Ottawa cops confiscating food and brutalizing individuals. A few MLAs squeaked tentative noises of support and now one MP (a Liberal, a Quebec Liberal at that) has actually criticized his government. Some provinces have at least slightly tempered regulations. Of course they do so while denouncing those mothering truckers.

But for the most part, we really don’t know what’s going on.


Why does this, of all demonstrations, threaten the elite? It’s not merely a demonstration. It’s an actual protest. All those other Canadian demos—from environmentalists, natives, antifa, BLM, junkies and the rest—support fashionable causes. They support a regime that wants to drastically re-shape society.

There’s sometimes disagreement over details like how much and how soon, but mainstream demos still affirm the mainstream agenda. They’re no more protests against authority than were their counterparts at Nuremberg.


Spoiled brats close Toronto-region rail yards

With virtually no government or cop intervention, considerable
mainstream support and growing success, the early 2020 movement
to destroy crucial supply lines ended only with Covid.


Selectively unacceptable blockades. Until the pandemic interrupted in early 2020, Shutdown Canada approached its goal without resistance. Imagine what those aging brats were about to do to supplies of food, water, medicine, medical equipment, heating/electricity/transportation energy and other necessities. Yet government and cops did nothing.

Pipeline blockades pitted native against native while speeding the shutdown of Alberta’s economy.

Ordinary Vancouverites, especially lower-income people dependent on public transit, endure almost daily restrictions on freedom of movement from environmentalists, natives, junkies, cyclists and Grandview Park stoners, among others. Similar blockades might occasionally annoy the government, as at Fairy Creek, but they’re largely condoned by our political/media class.

Truckers aren’t.


Canada’s constitution of convenience. It’s normally a tool for activist judges. But in theory Turdeau senior’s American-style constitution upholds the truckers’ right to protest, as Preston Manning points out. In practice, of course, the regime ignores that inconvenience.

Where, by the way, are Canada’s civil liberties associations? So quick to support officially backed faux radicalism, they’re staying silent on the right to protest—just as they’re staying silent on the mandates themselves, a massive violation of civil liberties.


Sikhing opportunity? They comprise a significant number of truckers but Sikhs apparently take no part in the protests. Might an advantage result, if protesting truckers lose their licences (as Ontario has already threatened), or at least their right to cross the border? It’s noteworthy that the leader of the NDP, incredibly, absolutely incredibly once a supposedly working class party, is a pro-mandate, anti-protest Sikh supporter of the government.


What about the Quebecois? They might oppose the mandates too, but do they support these protests? Quebecois typically support nothing associated with Anglos, including Canadian wars (not since 1812 anyway, and we’re not supposed to mention which side Canada’s “better people” backed in WWII), politicians (Mulroney was no exception: like some other Quebecois with Irish names he was considered one of their own) or sports teams (no small matter to really average people). The Quebecois might run this country, but they don’t support it.


Canadian flags flake and convoy

A symbol too often associated with mainstream flakery, the
Canadian flag has been reclaimed by anti-mandate protesters.


The Canadian flag co-opted. This is almost revolutionary in itself. That cutesy feel-good corporate-style ’60s logo and symbol of multiculturalism and flakery designed by the Liberal Party with Liberal Party colours has actually become a banner of rebellion brandished by thousands of vehicles and anti-mandate marchers across the country, not to mention the cowboy convoy in Coutts. Man, that must hurt the Turdeauvians.


Hypocritical Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau

Canada’s prime minister smears himself with
shoe polish and others with accusations of racism.


Political correctness as the last refuge of a scumbag. Accusations abound of dissident racism and misogyny from some of Canada’s most prolific accusers, including obviously hypocritical Justine and ever-predictable Bernie Farber. It’s no more than a reflexive PC tactic, even when led by PM Blackface.


Trudeau kneels at Black Lives Matter rally

As a grovelling opportunist, Justine flouted June 2020
Covid regulations to support a violent but fashionable cause.
(Photo: CityNews)


Quarantine of convenience. This, at least, has been openly acknowledged: Turd has secluded himself. Supposedly the thrice-dosed PM suffers from his second bout of Covid. Not always remembered, however, is that the preening phoney broke pandemic regulations early on to demonstrate support for BLM/antifa violence and destruction. Acknowledged even less often is the obvious absurdity of Turd mandating a “vaccine” that Turd himself shows doesn’t work.


Elsewhere. Further demonstrating vacc uselessness, Israel ranks among world leaders for the most highly jabbed but Covid-suffering population. Several Western countries are relaxing Covid restrictions, as are some Canadian provinces. A change for the better? Or a “provocation” leading to…


The crisis restarted with even greater vengeance? What if mounting opposition from some governments, many citizens and informed dissidents like Robert Kennedy Jr. and others seriously threatened pandemian authority? Former Obama enthusiast James Kunstler suggests one possibility:

It’s not beyond imagining that the Left and its mysterious sponsors out there in the mythical matrix of sinister global interests will send yet another new coronavirus variant down the chute to keep the worldwide scare going so as to complete the ruin of Western Civ. It’d have to be a humdinger, though, something, say, that made folks bleed out of their ears, nostrils, and eye sockets — because otherwise, at this point, the people are done with lockdowns, forced vaxxes, mask mandates, green passes, and other social control nonsense, and would opt to just get on with what remains of normal life in this twilight of empire.

That kind of speculation can be dismissed speciously as a conspiracy theory. But, apart from the fact that conspiracies exist and theories can be valid, this isn’t a theory. It’s speculation. And, as ignorant armies clash by night, speculation is sometimes all we’ve got.

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