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Edmonton terror:
Nothing new, except the details

Ottawa’s spent nearly half a century
welcoming people who hate us

October 9, 2017

Welcome to Canada Abdulahi Hasan Sharif

Somali terrorist Abdulahi Hasan Sharif
introduces a not-so-new normal to Canada.


In a way Abdulahi Hasan Sharif’s spree of terrorism, not to mention the circumstances of his arrival in this country, constitutes old news.

The racist violence that accompanied 1970s Caribbean immigration shocked Torontonians, especially the working class people who were by far the worst affected. All indications made it obvious that this demographic revolution could only harm Canada. Yet the migration continued to the point where ongoing black violent crime has long been considered normal in Toronto. The city had no black crime problem until our immigration policy imported it.

Some of it constituted terrorism on a roughly similar scale to Sharif’s attacks. Jamaican gangs quickly became known for takeover robberies, in which they’d not only swoop down on a business and grab the money, but also stick around to sexually humiliate their white female captives.

In one such attack, a gang of Jamaicans screamed racist and sexist vitriol at white female bank employees while forcing the terrified women to partially disrobe and crawl on the floor. Overt violence included a Jamaican boot to the abdomen of one crawling woman. She was obviously pregnant.

This incident actually got media coverage possibly because, in late 1979 or early 1980, the curtain hadn’t fully come down on reporting black racism, sexism and violence.

News of other black gangs committing gratuitously vicious takeovers could be gleaned from straightforward media reports, careful reading of not-so-straightforward reports and anecdotal evidence. The 1994 Just Desserts murder was one of the most widely publicized incidents, possibly because this one affected women of higher social status. A common theme continued in the sadistic treatment of hostages, especially white women.

Obviously, these guys weren’t in it just for the money. Racist, misogynist terror bolstered their motivation.

The disaster of mass Caribbean immigration became obvious soon after it hit 1970s Toronto. Apart from their wildly disproportionate tendency towards crime—often violent crime—many Caribbean immigrants brought the dysfunctional tendencies already prevalent in American and English black communities. Among other problems, they turned their tax-paid public housing into dangerous slums. Interestingly, all this occurred at a time when blacks in general enjoyed unparalleled entitlements and special rights in employment, education and law, along with enormous prestige in popular culture. If ever there was a place and time for blacks to rise above negative stereotypes, it was Toronto from the 1970s onwards.

So now we can expect Canada to accommodate unchecked Muslim immigration? Especially considering Europe’s experience?

With a problem so obvious as far back as the ’70s, Canada should have responded in three ways. Ottawa should have removed Caribbean countries, or at least Jamaica, from our list of preferred sources of immigration. Individuals from all countries should have been vetted more closely. And Canada should have implemented effective means of deporting illegal immigrants, fake refugees and criminal newcomers.

Of course none of that happened. And so we have terrorist whackjob Abdulahi Hasan Sharif. A fake refugee who was already rejected by at least one other country, he comes from a chaotically violent society that seems to have turned kidnapping into a major national industry and that demonstrates a horrifyingly exceptional capacity for cruelty.

Canada should have vetted and rejected quite a few Somalis before Sharif’s arrival. But, speaking of preferred sources of immigration, Ottawa’s outright support for Somali criminals dates back to the 1990s and Sergio Marchi, the Italian-Argentinian who was Jean Chretien’s outrageously cynical choice of immigration minister. As officially sponsored refugees, Somalis have been funded by Ottawa to bring diversity to diverse regions of Anglo-Canada, including the north. Along with that diversity comes crime.

Of course by evoking jihadism, Sharif induces fear of terror on a scale far more destructive than that committed by Jamaican gangs. But no matter. The Jamaican experience shows Canada can expect to see many more people just like this Somali.

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