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personifies Vancouver

For grotesqueness anyway,
this city leads the social revolution

August 13, 2019

Personifies Vancouver

He/she/it presents his/her/its
preferred portrayal of him/her/itself.
(Photo: Him/her/it)


Gruesome medical practices play a part. But this thing isn’t some Frankenstein’s monster assembled by a mad doctor from dead people’s remains. It’s more like an ideological monster constructed by mad social engineers from a dead civilization’s legacy.

This is, for the moment anyway, the state of the social revolution, that tragic progression of liberal principles into sometimes amusing but ultimately dangerous flakery. As a city that demonstrates flakery’s triumph, Vancouver’s probably the ideal location for his/her/its antics. There’s probably no better outlet than a human rights tribunal.

Zealously opposed to democracy, armed with extraordinary power and not the least bit reticent about their double standards, these inquisitions have figured strongly in the social revolution. Almost immediately on their inception, human rights commissions championed causes either petty or malevolent, as long as they targeted whites, especially white men, most especially straight white men. At the outset, these commissions should have offended anyone who considered the American civil rights movement, with its reverberations in other Western countries, a hard-won and vital accomplishment.

It turned out that power, not principle, mattered—and power was to be achieved by fucking up society. So HR cases went from petty and malevolent to weird. Malevolently weird.

The movement benefits from journalistic cowardice, as Rex Murphy points out in this matter. With conventionality one of journalism’s trademarks, journalists don’t think for themselves let alone question the mainstream. And although he/she/it might be a bit avant-garde at the moment, he/she/it’s well on his/her/its way to becoming mainstream and conventional.

One of Murphy’s gifts is his ability to recognize the human side of issues, a concept alien to the selective compassion of “progressives.” Murphy points out that his/her/its tribunal targets 16 women, some of them immigrants. Funny that it takes an alleged curmudgeon, someone who came of age so long ago and far away in such supposedly benighted circumstances, to express such empathy:

People do not choose to wax other people’s genitals for love of the craft. They are poor. They likely want to provide for their children so those children will never have to face the unpalatable chore of tending to other people’s privates, male or female, privates. These selfless people, who condescend to this work are, properly considered, moral heroes. Parents who do what all great parents have done, work for the good of their children. But now they are “defendants” in a Canadian court, accused of being transphobic bigots.

This shows an example of the revolution turning on itself, possibly for want of a clearly identified hierarchy of special interests. But one trait that raises his/her/its status above that of these female and sometimes immigrant parents and small business owners is the fact that he/she/it is very fucked up. Even apart from his/her/its absurd grievance, and despite routine journalistic cowardice, disturbing evidence has come to light.

Not something previously considered cause for exaltation, fuck-upedness plays a crucial role in destroying what’s left of traditional society. It’s also a really fun way for men/women/others in the ascendancy to impose their power on others.

Is any city more tolerant of fuck-ups than Vancouver? This might be the first burg to actually cherish junkies. In addition to drizzle-soaked scenery, Terminal City features a political, social and cultural milieu that pathetically but emphatically expresses the revenge of the inadequate.

This is what Vancouver has come to. Average Vancouverites and the other weirdos who migrate here can take pride in the fact that he/she/it and his/her/its drama express one harbinger of the West’s plight.

There are other harbingers too, as the West’s demise manifests itself differently in places like Toronto, Oka, Malmo and, well, the list goes on but let’s not forget much of the UK, most of the U.S. and just about every part of France. Even Ireland and Australia. Probably Reykjavik too.

But in the matter of tolerating, encouraging and nurturing fuck-ups, Vancouver just might take prominence—with him/her/it currently leading the parade.

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