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Lamenting the “nation”

Recent events prompt a retrospective look
at the Julian Fantino disgrace

November 30, 2016

Julian Fantino disgraceful Italian-Canadian

Any other country would revile
a sack of shit like Julian Fantino.


Some time ago one or another prominent Quebec separatist ridiculed Canada for not being a real country. The recent spectacle of Canadian opponents of the American president clashing with Canadian supporters of the American president does say something about our national identity. Still that was one nervy Frenchie, considering that Britain and Canada created Quebec. Were it not for the conquest, New France would have been parcelled up with the Louisiana Purchase, in which Napoleon’s government actually offered its entire North American possessions to a surprised U.S. delegate who merely wanted docking facilities in New Orleans. America would have left Quebec about as linguistically French as the present-day state of Louisiana, which is to say not very—although Cajun music, cuisine and folklore far surpass anything concocted by the Quebecois.

Then Canada began the massive, massive gifts of land, transforming the little strip of farms along the St. Lawrence into one of the world’s largest countries. Furthering the process, Canada at various times encouraged or acquiesced in its own reverse takeover, making Quebec the tail that wags the dog.

But a court settlement last month brought despairing memories to any Canadian who’d like to care about this country. Randy Fleming, the Caledonia resident who got beaten up, arrested and jailed by Ontario Provincial Police for carrying a Canadian flag, got a nearly $300,000 award 10 years after the fact. The rationale for this particular shit-kicking cop cowardice was that Fleming might have angered an armed gang of violent thugs who’d taken over his town—but it was a non-white armed gang of violent thugs, so that was okay with the OPP. Typical of cop-style deference to power, OPP officers sucked up to the thugs.

This shameful Canadian story continues with the career of Julian Fantino. As the OPP big boss who fully backed his boot boys’ behaviour, he should have faced calls to resign or—better yet—got sacked.

Instead, both the federal Liberals and Conservatives enticed him to run for office.

And he got elected.

In any other country, this guy would be reviled as a disgrace. But his victory in a mostly Italian Toronto riding demonstrates the anti-Canadian ethnocentrism brought by mass immigration. Fantino even got appointed to cabinet positions. It was only his performance as Minister of Veterans’ Affairs that he finally received a small dose of the massive revulsion he deserved. With a lifelong cop’s indifference to non-cops and (can’t resist this) a Toronto wop’s indifference to non-wops, he didn’t hide his indifference to military vets.

His riding’s Italians chose another Italian in the 2015 election, but likely not out of concern for Canadian vets. They’re scarcely Italian.

These sad events also show the gutlessness of Canada’s professional demonstrators. Far from taking a brave stand on anything, they limit themselves to a small number of officially approved causes, for example the environment (a motherhood issue that’s largely been hijacked by opportunists and hypocrites), legalizing drugs (most of them are already de facto legal) and free homes, food and other stuff for junkies (at the behest of a growing poverty pimp industry). As for nationalism, it’s allowed in Quebec but not in Anglo Canada.

Canadian nationalism would ruffle Quebec feathers, anger the Americans so prominent in B.C.’s activist industry and offend political correctness.

Proclaim your convictions as much as you want as long as you stick to safe causes—or benefit from PC privilege. Few groups other than the powerful Black Lives Matter headfuck could get away with blocking a homosexual parade.

Fleming showed more principles—and more courage—than any of the above.

A more fitting symbol of the official Canada might be a smiley faced flag

A more fitting symbol of the official Canada.
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