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Bienvenue au Canada
les haïtiens du Québec

If that province refuses to keep them,
the rest of us will have no choice

Greg Klein | August 13, 2017

Our Quebecois Princess Di

Our Quebecois boss’ antics during a time of crisis show how easily
Canada’s Princess Di reduces journalists to paparazzi. But he has an
Angela Merkel side too, as he opens the door to a European-style disaster.


From at least the 1970s up to the migrant invasion of Europe, Canada might have taken in proportionately more people—immigrants, illegal immigrants, refugees and fake refugees—than any country in the world. But Quebec, as the only province with a say in its own demography and pretty much unlimited influence over the federal government, was supposed to be different. Now la province spéciale faces its own migrant crisis.

About 200 a day at one border crossing alone, according to an August 7 Rebel report. Over two-thirds of them are adult men, often dressed in flashy ghetto clothing and bringing expensive-looking luggage and electronics. Most of this current influx originated in Haiti, although they of course travelled through a safe country to reach Quebec.

While welcoming groups and even some Olympic Stadium neighbours support the opportunistic arrivals, do those voices represent the Quebecois overall? Has their country really become as flaky as Canada, the UK, Germany, Sweden and other suicide cases?

Maybe those sanctimonious displays belie a more typically Quebecois antagonism. If so, how might Ottawa handle this? Under no circumstances would any Canadian government, let alone that of our Quebecois Princess Di, send these illegals back to Haiti, or even the U.S. But that presents a conundrum because Quebec always gets what Quebec wants, even if that means policies that would be called “racist” elsewhere.

The simplest solution would be to ship the migrants to other provinces and territories. No one outside Quebec would dare object. The media, with their fake-refugees-are-awesome/suck-up-to-Quebec perspective, wouldn’t acknowledge anything amiss.

The expulsion would help keep Quebec relatively pure laine, even though it already hosts a fairly longstanding Haitian presence, among other impurities. But taxpayer-subsidized pockets of Creole culture would bring diversity—that ineffable quality that Anglo Canada so badly needs and only aliens can endow—to bless the English-speaking provinces and territories.

Additionally, this (sort of) French-speaking culture would require further expansion of French-language services, to the benefit of Quebecois employees of otherwise Anglo governments and social service agencies at all levels. Talk about not having your poutine but feasting on it too.

Maybe none of that will happen. Maybe Quebec will not only let the fake refugees enter, but accommodate them permanently.

But if so that would present a startling development in what had been, apart from Rhodesia and apartheid South Africa, arguably the post-WWII Western world’s most racist country.

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