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‘All white women are only good
for one thing. For men like me
to fuck and use like trash.’

Is Canada’s white establishment any less craven
than the UK whites who supported widespread,
systematic racist child rape?

August 9, 2017

Child rape gangs bring diversity to our culture

Child rape gangs bring our benighted culture diversity.


“Sex grooming”: It’s a term coined fairly recently to denote an organized campaign to prey on vulnerable girls, often in their early teens—or even younger. It’s also a euphemism for the vicious Muslim rape culture of Rotherham, which continues to reappear with variations in other English cities, most recently Newcastle.

The Independent quotes a senior cop saying, “The sexual exploitation of vulnerable people is in my opinion the challenge of our generation.” (Others might suggest it’s only part of the challenge, but very much symptomatic.) The article attributes this post’s headline to one of the privileged ethnic perps.

Rotherham presents an especially stark example of the West’s downfall. In his recent post mortem The Strange Death of Europe, Spectator associate editor Douglas Murray writes:

It was in the early 2000s in England that stories that the Sikh and white working-class communities had been telling for years were finally investigated by the media. These revealed that the organized grooming of often underage young girls by gangs of Muslim men of North African or Pakistani background was a theme in towns throughout the north of England and further afield. In each case the local police had been too scared to look into the issue, and when the media finally looked into it, they too shied away. A 2004 documentary on social services in Bradford had its screening postponed after self-proclaimed “anti-fascists” and local police chiefs appealed to Channel 4 to drop the documentary. The sections that dealt with the sexual exploitation of white girls by “Asian” gangs were accused of being potentially inflammatory. In particular, these authorities insisted, the screening ahead of local elections could assist the British National Party at the polls. The documentary was finally screened months after the elections. But everything about this case and the details that followed provided a microcosm of a problem and a reaction which were going to spread across Europe.

Campaigning on, or even mentioning, the issue of grooming during those years brought with it terrible problems. When the northern Labour MP Ann Cryer took up the issue of the rape of underage girls in her own constituency, she was swiftly and widely denounced as an “Islamophobe” and a “racist,” and at one stage had to receive police protection. It took years for central government, the police, local authorities or the Crown Prosecution Service to face up to the issue. When they finally began to do so, an official inquiry into abuse in the town of Rotherham alone revealed the exploitation of at least 1,400 children over the period 1997-2014. The victims were all non-Muslim white girls from the local community, with the youngest victim aged 11. All had been brutally raped, some had also been doused in petrol and threatened with being set on fire. Others were threatened with guns and forced to watch the violent rape of other girls as a warning should they tell anyone about the abuse. The inquiry into the abuse found that although the perpetrators were almost all men of Pakistani origin, operating in gangs, staff of the local council [municipal government] described their “nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought as racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so.” The local police were also found to have failed to act for fear of accusations of “racism” and of what this might do to community relations.

After several years of “sex grooming” cover-ups in England came the gang rape cover-ups in Europe. One followed mass attacks at the unfortunately named We Are Stockholm festival in 2014. As Murray writes,

… dozens of girls as young as 14 were surrounded by gangs of immigrants, particularly from Afghanistan, molested and raped. Local police covered up the case, making no mention of it in their report on the five-day festival. There were no convictions and the press avoided any mention of the rapes. Similar organized rapes by migrant gangs occurred at music festivals in 2015 in Stockholm and Malmo among other cities. The figures were extraordinary. Whereas in 1975 there were 421 rapes reported to the Swedish police, by 2014 the annual number of rapes reported had risen to 6,620. By 2015 Sweden had the highest level of rapes per capita of any country in the world after Lesotho. When the Swedish press did report these events they wilfully misreported them. For instance, after the gang rape of a girl on a ferry from Stockholm to Abo, Finland, it was reported that the culprits were “Swedish men” when they were in fact Somalis. It was the same story as in all of the neighbouring countries. Research published in Denmark in 2016 showed that Somali men were around twenty-six times more likely to commit rape than Danish men, adjusted for age. And yet in Sweden as everywhere else this subject remained unbroachable.

It took the 2015 New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne and the scandal of that cover-up to be unearthed for the Swedish media to even report on what had happened for years at Swedish music festivals and other events. Not only was a cover-up by the police finally exposed, but the cover-up by the Swedish press was revealed as well, thanks to the work of a number of web magazines and blogs.

Then look at Toronto. From observation, sotto voce word of mouth and maybe occasional hints in the local tabloid, the city’s black immigrant pimp industry became obvious to non-chattering class Torontonians by the 1970s at least. Stories also circulated of takeover robberies by Caribbean gangs which would storm a business then, after quickly grabbing the money, hang around to sexually humiliate the white female employees. “Swarmings,” in which black mobs looted businesses and beat and sexually assaulted non-blacks, also became known despite official silence.

So to what extent might Canada have a racist “sex grooming” culture? Racist gang rapes? Given the especial gutlessness of our elite, we might be more subject to cover-ups than English, Swedes and Germans.

Just something to ponder as the flood of fake refugees into Canada reaches unprecedented proportions. Meanwhile the media go ga-ga over Prime Minister Princess Di’s Vancouver Island photo ops.

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