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residential schools “denialism”

Canada moves closer to totalitarianism by
replacing rational discourse with emotional bullshit

Greg Klein | June 23, 2023


Kimberly Murray purveyor of emotional bullshit

Kimberly Murray has declared her wackjob inanity “Sacred.”
With support from Canada’s elite, she wants to sic the Criminal Code
on anyone who disagrees.


The most prominent malefactor would have to be Jean Chretien. The former prime minister and big chief of Indian Affairs had the audacity to compare his residential school experience with the residential school experience: “I was a boarding student, from age six to 21,” according to a translation of some 2021 remarks. “I had my share of baked beans and oatmeal. For sure, life in boarding school was difficult, extremely difficult.”

For sure the comment really was insensitive because some native boarding schools at some times probably did inflict serious abuse, even if the hyperbolic insanity of recent years makes it all sound like a macabre fairy tale. But just like Blackface, Chretien gets a pass—and for the same reasons. He’s not only a Liberal bigshot but Quebecois. Kimberly Murray’s emotional bullshit

That shows the hierarchy of special interests, in which Canada’s top place is held by natives in theory but Quebecois in practice. How well this country’s “better people” retain their power remains an interesting question as the rest of us slide into a dictatorship that could become outright totalitarian.

And if there’s any ultimate goal to the unmarked graves mania and the rest of the social revolution, it could be an all-controlling regime, maybe preceded by a period of chaos. (The “if” is important, because all this upheaval might reflect nothing more than a directionless elite gone mad.)

Even so, the call to make residential schools/atrocity graves “denialism” a hate crime uses a number of tyrannical techniques, most notably coercion of belief, intolerance of dissent and manipulation of language—with heavy doses of emotional bullshit to further the headfuck.

The most recent totalitarian advance comes from Kimberly Murray, now very prominent as Canada’s Independent Special Interlocutor* for Missing Children and Unmarked Burial Sites.

Released earlier this month, Murray’s 179-page report defies rationality. Its relentlessly emotive misuse of language suggests the work of a thoroughly deranged person in a deranged culture pushing a deranged agenda.

The linguistic manipulation shows up in numerous ways, but here are a few examples of vocabulary.

Among the most common trigger words is “denialist.” Absurd in itself, it has previously been used against skeptics (can’t have them in a totalitarian regime) of the holocaust, environmentalism and mRNA. But the word takes on new life with supposed residential school atrocities, as again indicated by this report. “Denialist,” “denialism” and other variants occur more than 60 times in this screed. Murray wants “denialists” silenced under civil and criminal law.

“Sacred” also takes prominence, and in a manner even more weird. Frequently used to legitimize Stone Age paganism, it’s also used to sanctify Murray’s hubris and the report’s many, many self-pitying references to victimology. Also sanctified as “Sacred work” is the entire campaign of atrocity propaganda. By implication, any doubt has to be considered blasphemous as well as criminally “denialist.”

“Survivors” comes up hundreds of times, referring to people who went to residential schools, didn’t go to residential schools and will be born to future generations long, long after residential schools ever existed.

They’re all victims of residential schools. That is, they’re all victims of “genocide,” that most emotive and falsely defined word in this entire propaganda ploy. Of all residential schools rhetoric, this semantic absurdity reaches the height of mind-fuckery.

That brings to mind the adjective “intergenerational.” It frequently pushes the idea that “genocide” continues and will continue, enslaving future generations to permanent victimhood for ever and ever, requiring no end of payouts not to mention eternal exemption from self-responsibility.

Murray’s irrationality continues. The word “truth,” often stated even more strangely as “truths,” demonstrates stark totalitarianism. “Truths” are whatever natives say, no matter how vague, unsubstantiated, confused, self-righteous or just plain wrong. Let alone outright rebuttal, any skepticism of “truths” equals “denialism.”

And Murray, like many others, wants to make “denialism” a hate crime.

Whether that Criminal Code gift to power takes place remains to be seen. But even apart from “denialism” the accusation of criminal “hate” is commonly used to shut down opposition to any outrage of the social revolution, even sex change operations for children.

Among other words that have already been powerfully redefined is “violence.” As Murray approvingly states, “In February 2023, MP Leah Gazan observed that ‘denying genocide is a form of hate speech. That kind of speech is violent...’”


Tools of hate used by shovelists to commit shovelism

Kimberly Murray makes several unsubstantiated claims that
“denialists” are digging up native grave sites. Although the allegations
couldn’t be more vague, they constitute sufficient evidence of hate crimes
for the Ontario Assistant Deputy Attorney General for Aboriginal Justice
and Canadian Independent Special Interlocutor for Missing Children
and Unmarked Burial Sites.


It’s hard to determine to what extent Murray manipulates emotional confusion or merely succumbs to it. Her report suggests the latter. Regardless, this 179-page cry of insanity furthers the social revolution’s ongoing hysteria. This culture of madness not only destroys reasonable discourse but keeps people on an emotional edge that breeds ideological fear, enhancing absolute power. Adults dread losing their jobs for saying the wrong thing. Children come home from school crying about supposed atrocities committed by their people.

For several years politicians, activists and media have kept at least a few issues simmering at an emotional level that can suddenly boil over into mass hysteria. Some examples include the “racist murder” of Trayvon Martin in 2012, the Middle Eastern and African “refugees” of 2016, the Charlottesville “right wing” riot in 2017, the “racist murder” of George Floyd in 2020, the Capitol Hill “insurrection” in 2021 and (finally a Canadian example) the “mass graves” hoax in 2021.

In the Floyd case, the immediate and society-wide hysteria over the accidental death of an American criminal, followed by a year or so of “largely peaceful” BLM and antifa rioting, shows definite signs of orchestration.

Canada’s mass graves hysteria originally struck me as something more accidental than a hoax. Regardless of how and why it started, “mass graves” became a hoax as politicians, journalists and activists deliberately employ fiction to play on emotions, at the very least continuing to imply that mass graves exist and atrocities took place. Two years after a conniving white “conflict anthropologist” spun old news so dramatically, no evidence of mass graves or atrocities has been found.

One potential wave of hysteria, though, was averted just recently. “Pride month” protests against sex change operations for children could have induced another collective tantrum from Canadian and American MSM, politicians and SJWs. But this time the people who foment hysteria didn’t, probably because so many of the protesters are Muslim. Again, the hierarchy of special interests confounds woke fundamentalism.

While non-natives, usually whites, guide native activism this report comes from a native who somehow got a law degree, became Ontario’s Assistant Deputy Attorney General for Aboriginal Justice and can now channel her emotions even more prominently through this high-status federal sinecure. Her totalitarian instincts present just one problem of her work. It’s also fair to ask whether this pathetic rationale for perpetual self-pity reflects natives’ highest aspirations.

This is an interim report. Murray has more emotional bullshit to come.


*“Interlocutor,” according to the Concise Oxford, means “one who takes part in dialogue or conversation” and also “centre man of Negro minstrel troupe.”

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