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It’s all the Iraqis’ fault

Forget residential schools. The plot to genocide
Canadian natives began in Mesopotamia many millennia ago

Greg Klein | August 1, 2022

Iraqi schoolkids

These Iraqi schoolkids seem oblivious to their historical guilt.


There are bad Iraqis and good Iraqis but you never hear an Iraqi apologizing for the crime of crimes, the atrocity of atrocities and the permanent evil of cursing an entire race with perpetual genocide for generations to come, forever and ever.

Canadian whites apologize and re-apologize. Catholics, Canadian and otherwise, now do the same. But, as last week’s cross-Canada repetitive-apology papal roadshow showed, “reconciliation” (an undefined goal that’s currently Canada’s national obsession) calls less for repentance than recrimination.

Yet shouldn’t we look beyond Catholics and other Christians to root causes? The root cause of Canadian native malaise was change. How on earth could Canadian aboriginals be expected to adapt to that?

And the change was dramatic. Their Stone Age ended. Cruelly, unthinkably and without informed consent, newcomers ended the Rousseauvian era of primitive nobility that in no way included environmental destruction, slavery, war, geronticide, female infanticide or genocide (the kind that actually exterminates people). No native has ever considered encroaching on those white monopolies, so to hell with evidence to the contrary.

But even if white men are the root of all evil, maybe we should consider a Tigris-Euphrates exception to the law that skin colour determines morality.

Mesopotamians were the exception.

Yes, until someone uncovers evidence that those people were actually blond-haired, blue-eyed proto-jackbooters, we have to concede that anomaly.

Why couldn’t those Mesopotamians have just left things the way they were? They must have had an agenda. As they set about developing agriculture, breeding stock, building infrastructure, expanding urban centres, developing new inventions, new skills, new techniques, new ideas, all that new knowledge, they must have had just one intention: to fuck up Canadian natives.

Of course that required several more millennia and cultural dissemination throughout Eurasia, further spread by similar innovations from central and southeastern Asia. Southern and north-central Europe later became much greater centres of innovation. Then began the cataclysmic transfer of post-Stone Age culture to the Western Hemisphere.


A United Church of Canada residential school in Prince Alberta, Saskatchewan

Catholics weren’t the only Christians who genocided natives,
as seen in this United Church of Canada residential school
in Saskatchewan. But genocide’s genesis lies elsewhere.


Church-run boarding schools, by Catholics and others, comprised probably Canada’s strongest effort to integrate natives. (In this case racial integration is now recognized as evil, although nostalgia buffs might remember when it was the bad people who opposed it.) The institutions not only emphasized monotheism over animism, but tried to instill literacy and basic skills to function in modern society.

Many of those schools could be strict and unpleasant, at a time when other Canadian kids absolutely loved their schools because they were so much fun and their teachers just adored young people.

Additionally some of the native schools (the extent to which Canada needs no credible documentation) might have been downright cruel.

As frequently implied by everyone who has a say in these matters, no other people in world history or pre-history has suffered such a fate. Long after the last residential school closed in 1996, all Canadian aboriginals continue to suffer tremendously. The curse continues with each generation. No wonder the United Nations had to radically re-define the word “genocide”.

Canada has plenty to apologize for, as Ottawa demonstrates with almost daily pleas to every imaginable identity group. Media coverage of the Pope’s Canadian tour suggests the Catholic Church now follows this secular approach to repentance. But when will Iraqis, those stridently unapologetic miscreants, acknowledge their guilt?

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