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Titania McGrath’s
crusade to Canada

Wokery’s most outspoken exponent
extends her disapproval to our this country

Greg Klein | December 31, 2021

Titania McGrath saviour of personkind

This unassailable voice of reason discusses
Canada, Covid, culture and more.


It’s been an especially disgraceful year for white Canadians. Our responsibility for mass graves simply intensified the guilt we already shared with our American counterparts for the atrocities of Washington, Minneapolis and Charlottesville, and with other white perpetrators of injustice and bad things throughout the world. Fortunately this country has been blessed by a year-end visit from Titania McGrath.

The British activist/theorist/artist has been considered required reading since the world awakened to her 2019 manifesto/cri du coeur/slam poetry anthology entitled Woke: A Guide to Social Justice. Possibly no clearer, more strident call to action has ever been declared than this:

I will not rest until we have achieved our diverse intersectional socialist decolonised polyamorous genderqueer pro-trans body-positive anti-ableist privilege-checking speech-policing hate-free matriarchal utopia.

Not surprisingly, she quickly came to embody all the truth and justice, not to mention rationality, that the social revolution entails. The following year she brought her revelations to a younger audience with My First Little Book of Intersectional Activism. Now McGrath travels through Canada not so much on a promotional tour as a crusade—to make this world a better place through tolerance and inclusion. That’s best achieved, she maintains, by rejecting, desecrating, destroying and utterly annihilating anything, everything and everybody she objects to.

McGrath took time to discuss her mission with our correspondent in late December.


Woke A Guide to Social Justice by Titania McGrath

Vancouver Zeitgeist: What’s your initial impression of Canada?

Titania McGrath: Disappointed—oppressedly disappointed. I thought you were a progressive country that readily takes instruction from foreigners. But judging by the inadequate response to my visitation, your deference seems limited to American celebrities and that Swede. I read that half a million Canadians at a time would come forth to worship her. Yet when I showed up at Vancouver airport the place was deserted except for a few males mopping floors, and they didn’t even doff their turbans in my presence.

That made me feel like a voice crying in the wilderness about my own imminence. You allowed that Sami-subjugating bitch to appropriate my deification.

VZ: I’m sure Ottawa will add that to its list of upcoming apologies. But do you have any further thoughts on our country?

TM: Who said it’s your country? You call this city Vancouver but that’s a colonialist name the genociders imposed on the genocidees to rub salt in their extermination. For your information, we are on the unceded slave-raiding lands of the Euclataw people.

VZ: Any other comments about this country?

TM: Well, this city seems to have led the world in creating an entirely new victim identity group out of drug addicts. I’m not sure I like that, though. Most of them are lower-class white males, with some lower-class white females too. If they’re allowed any rights at all, it should be to die in the gutter.

You’ve made great strides for a country that originally had very few persons of sub-Saharan origin. But there’s much more to be done. Some of your cities still don’t have black ghettos.

You’re not bringing in nearly enough refugees either. For crying out loud, do you know how many Muslims still have to live in Muslim countries? Imagine their trauma. They should all be bringing Islamic culture here instead of staying home and suffering under the yoke of Islamic culture.

And the genocide just keeps getting worse. Statistics show the population of those genocided indigenous people rising at a much faster rate than that of their white genociders. That proves you’re genociding more indigenous than ever.

But you do have some good points. You have a prime minister who’s black, at least for short periods of time. And he’s a full-time woman.

VZ: Many people thought your first book said all there was to say about wokery. So what made you write a second book?

TM: Yes, my first book set the world straight like no other book of any kind ever did. Yet all around me, on a nanosecond-by-nanosecond basis, I continued to suffer oppression from micro-aggressioning hate crimes. My oppressedness finally became intolerable when I saw some un-reassigned little girls in a park playing with dolls. Can you imagine that? My First Little Book of Intersectional Activism by Titania McGrath.jpg

Such obvious patriarchal and transphobic conditioning revealed such oppressive intolerance that I wanted to scratch the little kids’ eyes out. But as I marched forward to do so, I caught vicious warning glares from their mothers, obviously not real women and not just because they were mothers. They weren’t affluent either.

That particular day I lacked the backup of an antifa militia, so I decided to write another book instead. It’s directed at those little children. I hope they read it before someone else finally scratches out their eyes.

VZ: So you’ve come to Canada to get people to read your latest book?

TM: Yes and since reading will soon be completely outmoded, it should be the last book people read. Social media is quickly reducing that patriarchal construct to a more manageable medium. Maybe brain implants or inoculations will bring this species to a more perfect understanding. Then people won’t have to understand anything for themselves.

VZ: You’re optimistic about technology, then?

TM: Oh yes, all those really smart tech and social media giants, even those who self-identify as un-non-binary male, know what to do with people who practise free speech and other forms of fascism. Now, especially with the pandemic, society is closer than ever to achieving the visionary proposals of George Orwell.

VZ: You’re optimistic about the pandemic too?

TM: Of course. We need look no further than the comments of Jane Fonda, a woman of indisputable integrity because she was born into wealth and fame and excelled herself by taking part in the psychological torture of lower class white prisoners of war held by anti-fascist Viet Cong. She calls Covid “God’s gift to the left.” We can excuse that implication of exclusionist monotheism by recognizing this opportunity to hasten the replacement of what the patriarchy still calls “Western civilization.” You’d almost think such a plan was already in the works.

VZ: You clearly have a mission. What do you hope to achieve?

TM: It’s something I was destined for since the beginning of time, if not earlier. Quite simply, it’s to make this world a better place by ridding it of hate. Hate, hate, hate—it’s all around us all the time. And white people are the reason. The sooner we exterminate those vermin, the better.

VZ: But aren’t you, um, white yourself?

TM: That’s a typically racist response. People like me are non-white through the incalculable suffering experienced by upper-middle-class white women. We stand united with the oppressed and all those other little people, especially the darkies.

VZ: You present yourself as a fearlessly radical, revolutionary foe of convention. Yet pretty much everything you say is common stuff that the mainstream tells us all the time. Moreover, you’re not real. As a fictional character, shouldn’t you be more outrageous than reality?

TM: Finally you’ve stumbled on something approximating insight. But as a white male you still need instruction. The Western world has indeed reached a crisis with absurdity so outlandish that it can’t be satirized. That’s your cultural appropriation taken to the ultimate level. Actual people have culturally appropriated fictional characters. And reality has culturally appropriated fiction. Humanity will never overcome this guilt. Nor will reality.

But having been appropriated by reality, I am now real. I live on and through politics, government, the judiciary, education, academia, the arts, science, industry, entertainment, journalism, all aspects of public discourse, all aspects of culture, all aspects of society. There’s no longer anything permissible in the Western world that doesn’t reflect me. Like that patriarchal God guy, I am immanent. But I am so much more important than God.

I am the Gleichschaltung.

VZ: Ah, yes, um, thank you for your time.

TM: You’re not welcome. Just tell people to buy my books.

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