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Extremism gone mainstream

Andy Ngo exposes the American fanaticism
that politicized Canadians condone or even imitate

Greg Klein | February 24, 2021

Several instances of Portland graffiti show Antifa wants Andy Ngo dead

Andy Ngo’s refugee parents escaped forced labour and
indoctrination camps in Vietnam. His defence of liberty
just might kill their son. (Photo: Andy Ngo)


According to Canadian media logic, Andy Ngo must be fascist. Otherwise why would an “anti-fascist” group subject him to ongoing harassment and physical attacks including a beating so vicious that he has yet to recover? Slavishly imitating their American counterparts, Canadian journalists ignore, sugarcoat, rationalize or otherwise misrepresent Antifa. Also in slavish imitation, much of Canada’s protest culture emulates the organization that wants to destroy every aspect of Western society, starting with anybody who disagrees with them.

Contrary to its official image, this is no ragtag movement, Ngo says.

“Since 2016, we have been told over and over by biased media and antifa apologists that antifa is not an organization,” he writes. “We’ve been lied to. While there is no single capital A ‘Antifa’ organization with one leader, there are indeed localized cells and groups with formalized structures and memberships. Though officially leaderless, these are organizations by every definition.”

As a native of Portland, Oregon, Ngo watched the group’s acceleration since 2017, when Donald Trump became U.S. president. Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy by Andy Ngo

“Within a couple months, they had developed a sophisticated system that included propaganda, outreach, operation security, reconnaissance, and group fighting strategies. Despite the mantra claiming there is ‘no organization’ to antifa, I could see their operations clearly took planning, coordination, money, and recruitment. From one riot to the next, their numbers grew and they became better at carrying out carnage on people and property.”

Then last June, after a Project Veritas journalist infiltrated the group, the news site published an exposé. (Look in vain for any such reference in Canadian media.) The undercover reporter joined Portland Antifa’s six-month indoctrination, training and vetting process for key activists. Along with propagandist seminars on race and gender were topics covering encrypted communications, demo strategies, keeping opponents under surveillance, doxxing them, martial arts, street fighting (“practice things like an eye gouge”) and firearms.

Yes, firearms. The “largely peaceful” demonstrations we hear about from the National Post, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Toronto Sun etc. and etc. often feature heavily armed Antifa militias openly brandishing their weapons. They’re not there for show, either. In one Seattle shooting, two people died after Antifa gunslingers riddled their vehicle with bullets. Antifa initially dismissed the dead as armed white supremacists. They were unarmed blacks.

Even so, the group uses bullets sparingly compared with other weapons. Freely distributed Antifa manuals provide instructions on DIY products like bombs using light bulbs and paint. The Antifa arsenal also comprises lasers, slingshots, rocks, pipebombs, Molotov cocktails, commercial-grade fireworks, chemical-filled projectiles, urine-filled bottles and shit-filled balloons, along with more prosaic items like batons, bats, sticks and brass knuckles.

“If it isn’t clear yet, violence is a feature, not a bug, of antifa’s ideology,” Ngo states. “In fact, they venerate violence. Since 2015, untold numbers of victims, including other journalists, have been doxed, beaten, robbed, or killed by antifa militants. Few of them receive media attention—or justice.”

Doxxing reaches new levels with Antifa. Followers are trained to keep opponents under surveillance. Attacks are encouraged by posting a victim’s current whereabouts on social media. Victims can include family and employers. Even when actual attacks don’t happen, apprehension remains. “Driven by intense hatred, antifa want their targets to fear living a normal life. This is their terrorism without violence.”

Doxxing encourages masked creeps to harass the Ngo family

Doxxing attracts masked creeps to the Ngo family home.

And yet Antifa is considered respectable. Implicit or explicit, support comes from sources as powerful as the Southern Poverty Law Center, big tech and sometimes big business. Some key Antifa figures include mainstream journalists and academics—none of real stature in themselves, but their comments get positive exposure in U.S. network media. What America’s media report, Canada’s media repeat. The copycat tendency also applies to other Canadian institutions, like our politicians. That has disturbing implications for our country, especially given Antifa’s stature with victorious U.S. Democrats.

“Indeed, if the riots of 2020 prove anything, it’s that a sizable portion of Democratic politicians, intellectuals, academics, and journalists find riots and looting justifiable if committed in the name of ‘racial justice.’”

While Antifa’s influences can be traced to an early 1930s German communist gang, and earlier American versions like Anti-Racist Action had Canadian imitators, the organization really gained prominence by piggybacking on Black Lives Matter. Momentum gained, then took a gigantic leap last May with the hysteria following the Minneapolis martyrdom. What began as just another wave of black rioting quickly took on insurrectionary force with the even larger participation of white mobs. Amid seemingly unprecedented urban destruction and violence in the U.S., BLM became a Canadian cause too. Awkwardly so, but politicized Canadians are nothing if not Americanized.

Antifa and BLM hold a symbiotic relationship, although the former began with a kind of anarchic-communist ideology while the latter adheres more closely to strict communism, Ngo states. BLM founders have openly expressed their “hatred of law enforcement, capitalism, free speech, and the United States itself. If this sounds familiar, it is because these are also core ideological components of antifa—with one notable exception being that BLM is not necessarily opposed to the concept of a nation-state if they are at the helm.”

UBC practises selective censorship

Citing fears of violence, the University of British Columbia
cancelled an Andy Ngo speech scheduled for January 2020.
His topic was Understanding Antifa Violence.
(Photo: UBC)

Ngo discusses the progression of Antifa ideology from the Frankfurt School’s cultural Marxism to the current race- and gender-hustles of identity politics. But both Antifa and BLM rhetoric, at its least-incoherent level, amounts to an Orwellian headfuck. That not only expresses but furthers the angry anarchic ambition of wrecking absolutely everything—not just society but logic, common sense and the ability to think clearly.

It’s an attractive goal for highly resentful people, the revenge-of-the-inadequate demonstrators who help typify Vancouver and proliferate in other parts of Canada. Their need to channel emotions through fanaticism suggests ideological zealotry, but their ideology really expresses little other than hatred of normality—the normality they loath in Canada, the U.S. and the Western world.

That could explain why they don’t go after real fascists, when China imposes so many of its machinations on this country. Like other truly abhorrent regimes, the Asian superpower gets an Antifa pass.

Just as Canada’s media follows the American MSM line on Antifa, we can expect our politicians to follow the U.S. Democrats’ example. But don’t expect to see Antifa appeasement everywhere north of the border. Still harbouring nationalist sentiments, Quebec won’t succumb nearly so easily.

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