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The “privilege”
of getting doxxed

Another white guy loses his job—for what?

June 3, 2022

A supposed hate crime

“Literally disappearing her from the pole”:
Such is the rhetoric of social and mainstream
media vilification.


Why oh why did he have to go and tear down those posters?

On the other hand, why not? What law did he break? What great harm did he do?

Through MSM outrage as well as social media smearing, a Vancouver realtor lost his job, faces loss of his professional standing, lost a directorship in a company his family founded and got suspended from a yacht club. At least one media outlet (Postmedia’s Vancouver Sun/Province) targeted his business partner/wife as well. His crime? Removing posters from utility poles.

The posters asked for info about Chelsea Poorman, a Saskatchewan native whose remains were found 592 days after her death, on the deck of a previously squatted Shaughnessy mansion held vacant by a rich Chinese absentee owner.

How she died isn’t known so additional info could be valuable, although the posters seem unlikely to prompt new tips on a nearly two-year-old incident. But the ex-realtor’s crime, as revealed by the emotional bullshit thrown at him, was insufficient sympathy or deference towards natives.

That bullshit was especially mind-numbing. “The way he ripped it [the poster] down is just the way the world is treating Indigenous people — like they’re disposable,” one character told Glacier Media.

Poorman’s stepfather, just flown in from Saskatchewan, imagined the deceased’s voice from the beyond:

“She would say, ‘Dad, maybe we could connect with him [the realtor] and show him that he made a mistake, a really bad mistake, and maybe they can start to help out with missing people,’” he said through tears.

Sounding like a parody of wackjob stupidity, a battered women executive director said the realtor “is literally disappearing her from the pole, rendering her invisible.”

She described the guy as a man of “privilege,” of “having the greatest power positionally [sic] in Canada”—a very odd description of a non-native, especially someone so easily fired, ostracized and blacklisted.

Apart from the possibility that Poorman’s death wasn’t accidental, one actual injustice came from Vancouver police. All too quickly they brushed off her demise as “not suspicious.” Cops do tend to downplay crime against marginal people. But it’s been many years since Canada’s most powerful ethnic group could be considered marginal. And deaths of another powerful ethnic group, even billionaires, can get the cop brush-off too.

What happened to the realtor can’t happen to a native. Natives don’t have to work, and when they do, it’s often at a racial entitlement that couldn’t be sabotaged nearly so easily. Moreover, PC double standards protect non-whites against allegations or implications of racism. If that’s not enough to counter white “privilege,” natives can’t be held fully—or in many cases at all—responsible for their own actions.

So much can happen so quickly to wreck a white guy’s life, in this case due to the hysteria of public discourse—and not just social media madness but MSM venality too.

The events show a hugely disproportionate reaction even if harm had been done, irrational claims that harm had been done, and ultimately an expression of power—against someone described as having the “greatest power positionally” but actually is, as circumstances show, a very easy target.

As such, he’s just one more casualty of this increasingly hysterical aspect of an increasingly hysterical social revolution.


An additional note: The Vancouver Sun/Province article that outed the realtor’s wife was co-written by a standard-issue Postmedia ditz and David Carrigg. In his previous job with the Vancouver Courier (now Vancouver is Awesome), Carrigg distinguished himself from B.C.’s courtier journalists by writing the first exposé of the PHS Society, an outrageously corrupt poverty pimp empire. So it’s disappointing to see him associated with such jaundiced journalism. If Carrigg wants to take up a legitimate native cause, maybe he could reveal the exclusion of native reporters from his own line of work. Except for a few Asian-Canadians, this is an entirely white industry that hires whites not only from Canada but from Britain, the U.S. and (as in Carrigg’s case) all the way from Australia.

As for Canadian indigenous, the number of reporters hired in the history of Canadian journalism must be close to zero. By the media’s own reasoning, that can only mean systemic racism.

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