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What to do with a
confused white racist?

He’s a bête noire to an establishment
that might find his ignorance useful anyway

November 5, 2016

Offensive rant


Video of an angry racist rant in Abbotsford has B.C. media all aflutter and cops investigating a hate crime. That’s what happens when evidence actually surfaces of white racism, something we’re told threatens our society, unlike non-white racism which doesn’t exist.

Non-white assholes equally racist to this white asshole aren’t considered assholes by conventional Canadian mores. Minus the white asshole’s racism, his brand of offensive and physically aggressive assholism is considered acceptable in asshole Vancouver and Calgary panhandlers. But his semantic confusion, where the asshole mixes and matches words like “Hindu” and “Paki,” brings to mind an illuminating experience with assholistic Canadian stupidity.

With the possible exception of our southerly neighbours, English-speaking Canadian whites are the world’s stupidest English-speaking whites. Atlantic Canadian whites are the stupidest Canadian whites. Lower-class Atlantic Canadian whites are the stupidest Atlantic Canadian whites. It was my misfortune to be in Hogtown working with the English-speaking white world’s stupidest of the stupidest of the stupid (and a pack of fucking assholistic assholes besides) in December 1979, when news broke of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

During our morning coffee break about half a dozen co-workers from all four East Coast provinces put their “brains” to work dissecting a simplistic Toronto Sun account. Back then, long before Canadian military went to Afghanistan, Canadians like these guys had never heard of the place. But the last syllable (surprising they got that far) apparently brought to mind Pakistan. They assumed that was the homeland of the turbaned men they encountered for the first time in Toronto, people they called Pakis.

The Sun article speculated whether the U.S. would get involved. Like many run-of-the-mill Canadians, these East Coasters identified so strongly with Americans that they weren’t always sure which country they lived in. So they thought that speculation referred to their own country.

Apparently unclear about the nature of speculation, they then concluded that their own country was going to war—and not against our NATO enemy but against the non-white country it invaded.

By the time our 15-minute break was over, these East Coast specimens had concluded something to the effect that the Canadians of the United States were going to war with the Sikhs of Pakistan. As we trooped back to the loading dock, at least one guy bragged about his intention to “fight for our country.”

Unacceptable as their white racism is to the establishment, they’re stupid, confused and easily swayed. They thoroughly misunderstood that foreign war but expressed, or at least feigned, willingness to fight in it. That kind of malleable confusion can make them very useful to their rulers.

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