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Back the wrong Yank?
Prepare to get doxxed

Canada’s Anschluss-seeking establishment
just might follow its vindictive American role models

February 12, 2021

Worshipped by the Canadian establishment

Canada’s official pantheon includes present, past
and future presidents of, according to official Canada,
the only country in the world that matters.
(Image: Washington Examiner)


Vengeance is theirs, now that victory’s confirmed. Political correctness has been pushing this way for decades, but until recently Canada probably led the U.S. and the rest of the West for tyrannical tendencies. We got an early start in the 1960s, when our country was re-made under the social engineering and ethnic spoils program called bilingualism and biculturalism. Within about 10 years Canada arguably took the world lead in legal and illegal immigration, as well as official multiculturalism. A comparative study of censorship and ethnic discrimination might have found Canada the most draconian of PC regimes.

But over the last five or six years, Canucks could only follow Yanks for outright fanaticism. And follow, Canadians did. From coffeeshop conversation to near-saturation media coverage, Canada’s copycat obsession with the American president made it harder than ever to claim any distinction from the U.S. Canadian protesters slavishly imitate their American models. Yank slogans have become Canucklehead cliches, regardless of their applicability north of the border. This doesn’t just come from the usual revenge-of-the-inadequate protest culture. If Canada’s ideological Anschluss needed further confirmation, our political, media and even business elites expressed it fervently on news of the Minneapolis martyrdom.

So with Washington’s winning side now enacting reprisals and threatening an all-around purge, will Canada follow suit? If so, one possibility would be a media-led campaign of doxxing.

Major Canadian news outlets like the Vancouver Sun have done this before, publishing home addresses of people with the implication that someone should “get” them. The Toronto media’s rampant harassment of a now-deceased mayor, and even his elderly mother, showed establishment malice whipped up to an almost hysterical level. Few professions display such ideological conformity as journalism. Taking pack journalism to its lowest level, the people of our fourth estate are just the kind to gleefully engage in political persecution.

Some of them might have prepared already, with lists of anyone who dared send them a letter praising the Americans’ devil or blaspheming their god. Anyone photographed on the wrong side of a demonstration, anyone who wore the wrong cap or made the wrong comment to a snitch might also get proscribed. Their employers would be identified too, resulting in instant dismissal even if mobs haven’t already—in actions the media report as “mostly peaceful”—rendered their targets physically unemployable.

Such concerns might be overblown. But two of Canada’s worst characteristics, PC zealotry and American wannabeism, already have this country playing Austria to stateside’s new-style Nazism.

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