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Hey kids!
Don’t let them narrow your apocalyptic horizons!!!

There’s a lot more threatening you
than climate change, even if the more
conventional doomsayers deny it

October 12, 2019

Don’t let her narrow your apocalyptic horizons

Could demonic possession also imperil our planet?


We shouldn’t be surprised that the world’s foremost crusader du jour is an autistic child who credits her condition for a narrowly focused perspective. “Narrow” is her problem. That’s because the one thing today’s young people have over previous generations is a wide range of nightmarish future possibilities. Climate change is just one of them.

Others could happen independently or concurrently. The scenarios play off of each other in a way that both parallels and demonstrates the dangers of extremely complex, intertwined social and economic systems. Add to that mix the West’s unrelenting social and cultural decline.

So, with appropriate randomness, here are some possibilities to consider. Since one calamity can set off any number of others, feel free to mix and match your top picks!

• Over-population outpacing supplies of food, water, energy, medicine and other necessities

• Shortages of food, water, energy, medicine and other necessities due to breakdowns or blockades of transportation and/or infrastructure

• Or just shortages of drinking water, a danger that environmental fashionistas should have brought to the fore long ago

• Terrorism on a scale that destroys transportation, infrastructure, supplies of necessities, the economy, people’s lives and people’s morale

• Infrastructure failure including dams and nuclear plants due to a declining society’s inability to conduct basic maintenance

• Islam, although some people might welcome the order it would bring before lapsing into typically vicious factionalism

• Uncontrollable crime of a random and/or organized manner possibly featuring widespread burglaries, robberies, harassment, sexual assaults, psycho outbursts, murders, rioting, punk gangs and other street-level assholism along with cartel-level gangsterism and mass murders

• Totalitarianism brought on in a number of possible ways including our society’s increasing ideological fanaticism

• Fascist/racist Chinese rule gained through wealth, bloc voting and Canadian deference, furthered by Chinese purchases of property, infrastructure and resources, and protected by unopposed military occupation

• Economic collapse caused by unsustainable sovereign debt and maybe personal debt too, compounded by fiat currency and an unprecedented level of interconnected, excessively complex and unstable financial practices

• Epidemics caused by rapidly spreading antibiotic-resistant diseases even if Ottawa doesn’t grant refugee status to Ebola victims

• Ethnic warfare, a threat further encouraged by mass immigration

• Any and all other types of war

That hardly completes the list, but here’s just one more possibility:

• A society that sinks to the cognitive and emotional level of teenage girls, partly through worshiping kid gurus and messianic brats

That’s right kids, boundless opportunities for doom await you! And many of them have already been portrayed by people with somewhat greater foresight than saints Greta, Suzuki and Justin. Again with appropriate randomness, a few literary examples:

1984 (as menacing now as when Orwell wrote it), The Camp of the Saints (Jean Raspail), The Mandibles: A Family, 2029-2047 (Lionel Shriver), You Can’t Say That (anonymous), One Second After (William R. Forstchen), Sea Changes (Derek Turner), Submission (Michel Houellebecq), 2084: The End of the World (Boualem Sansal).

What can you say to that, kids, but awwwwwwesome!!! So when the false prophets try to tell you there’s no apocalypse but climate change, tell them to broaden their horizons.

Or ask them what they’re hiding.

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