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The junkies are revolting

B.C. bums flaunt their power in ever more
disgusting ways. They enjoy the support
of politicians and poverty pimps

Greg Klein | September 13, 2020

Junkies trash Nanaimo home

Junkies trash Nanaimo home

Deprived of free homes, unearned income and pimp-enriching services, vulnerable at-risk
persons-experiencing-homelessness took the trouble to cut the voice boxes out of kids’
stuffed toys while destroying this Nanaimo family home. Not to worry—local MLA
Sheila Malcolmson has a solution in “situation tables.”
(Photos: Allison Greenway)


Harassing, stealing, assaulting, shitting in public, spitting on people—the propensity increases not only with B.C. junkies’ growing numbers, but their growing defiance. An attack on one family home really demonstrated this ongoing hate crime against normality.

A Nanaimo family of six returned from vacation to find drug addicts had taken over their home and destroyed the interior.

They did so with vengeance. Truly with vengeance, in its most vindictive sense.

“They’d set up and went through everything,” the mother told NanaimoNewsNOW. “They tore our marriage certificate in two, they cut the voice boxes out of the kids stuffies. They were in our kids’ beds. Why would someone do that?”

As a friend added, “Their home, which they have rented for 4 years had been ruined. The beds had been broken and stained, the kids’ clothes and toys had been strewn all over, and there was drug paraphernalia everywhere, including in the kids’ new back to school backpacks. Almost all of their things have been stained, broken, or stolen.”

Even after the father and some friends began the massive clean-up, one junkie had the nerve to return. Aided by a police dog, RCMP found Sean Damien Kulai hiding in the kids’ closet. Police said he “has a propensity for violence and is sometimes carrying weapons.”

The tasks of repairing and sanitizing the house, replacing necessities and installing a security system impose an onerous burden on the family. But the trauma doesn’t end there. The four children, aged one to eight, have also been robbed of their sense of security. “I don’t know how I’m going to make their room feel safe again,” the mother said. “They know a man was taken out of their closet. How do I fix it? They’re still scared to go home and I don’t blame them.”

An isolated case? This seems to be part of a growing trend of junkies subjecting communities to destructive, violent and disgusting actions all over southwestern B.C. and farther inland as well.


Jim Deva Plaza was named after a social activist

Jim Deva Plaza was named after a social activist

Deprived of free homes, unearned income and pimp-enriching services, vulnerable at-risk
persons-experiencing-homelessness block doorways while swearing at and intimidating
business owners in this West End neighbourhood. What better approach than a situation table?
(Photos: PNG)


Covid-19 has added another red herring to a problem that long pre-dates the pandemic. But discussion remains limited to the poverty pimp agenda: Any response begins with free housing and unearned income for all street people, along with lots of “support” services provided by the salaried poverty pimps themselves.

That approach supports the problem, not any solution. By no means all street people—likely few of them—actually need or deserve such entitlements. The reasons are beyond the pale to conventional discourse.

Over the years an anti-social, narcissistic bum/criminal subculture has developed and expanded. They reflect a number of wider social trends but these people can be held accountable for their actions, indeed their entire lifestyle.

That includes addicts. Some people have certain predilections but we don’t excuse that in rapists.

Much of the wacko behaviour attributed to mental illness can be ascribed to narcissists who know their power. Even when they cross the line into criminal activity, they’ll likely get a pass. People with as many as 65 criminal convictions receive ongoing leniency before the courts.

Treatment for genuine mental illness is blocked by the idea that help must begin with free housing and unearned income. These people belong in hospitals, in some cases secure institutions. And there just isn’t enough money to build free homes for the rapidly expanding street subculture. That’s another barrier to treatment, since no distinction is made between the mentally ill and the bums.


18 West Hastings harrasment and threats by junkies

Deprived of free homes, unearned income and pimp-enriching services, vulnerable at-risk
persons-experiencing-homelessness shit in public and spit on residents trying to enter
or leave this Vancouver apartment building. A situation table would “close the file.”
(Photo: Francis Georgian/PNG)


Despite junkie advocates’ near-monopoly on public discourse, mainstream media have allowed a bit of dissension. Safer Vancouver got some publicity for its petition. Even so, most media coverage condemned the group. Another group called Stepup called for an audit of $360 million a year (an estimate that’s at least four years old) in government social services funding for Vancouver’s Main and Hastings neighbourhood alone. But B.C. government audits can constitute cover-ups too. It took at least two, possibly more, such audits to clamp down on the hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal extravagance by Vancouver’s PHS Society poverty pimps. (Not noted was the organization’s lack of whistle-blowers, suggesting even wider-spread and continuing corruption.)


Strathcona Park violent 400-tent camp

Deprived of free homes, unearned income and pimp-enriching services, vulnerable at-risk
persons-experiencing-homelessness shot at each other in Vancouver’s 400-tent camp
at Oppenheimer Park. The situation calls for a situation table.
(Photo: Jason Payne/PNG)


A few counterpoints notwithstanding, self-serving flakery prevails. One monumental example comes from MLA Sheila Malcolmson. She represents the Nanaimo riding that was suddenly and deliberately transformed into a junkie haven two years ago. Last week, just as bums were tearing apart a family home in her riding, she came up with this manifesto of support for junkies and praise for poverty pimps.

She calls her flakery “situation tables.”

Malcolmson’s as vague as she is vapid, but her gist seems to go like this: Instead of arresting people and laying charges, cops would refer cases of criminal or anti-social behaviour to a committee of poverty pimps and other junkie advocates. To Malcolmson it’s the perps, not their victims, who are “vulnerable” and “at-risk individuals.” Following the poverty pimp line, she attributes their actions to mental illness, drugs and “un-met basic needs and housing.” In other words, they can’t be held responsible for their actions, and their actions call for free homes, unearned income and poverty pimp-enriching services.

After the pimps decide which pimp-enriching services the perp gets, the file is closed, according to Malcolmson. With that soaring conclusion, she seems to imply the problem gets solved.

Still disregarding the victims, she told a reporter: “What we’re doing right now isn’t working. It’s burning people out, very brave people, especially in the [non-governmental organization] community that have been holding the ball for a long time.”

Again, she shows no concern for the victims. To Malcolmson, the people who matter consist of the bums and the “very brave” poverty pimps who support them.

It might be unfair to single out Malcolmson, who’s probably smug and stupid even by B.C. legislature standards. In seemingly all communities, at all levels of government, citizens get the same response: This crime wave can only be dealt with through free housing, unearned income and pimp-enriching services.

Nor do other parties address the problem. The poverty pimp industry grew enormously under B.C. Liberal patronage. As a former party employee, I think the straight-arrow Liberal suits were baffled by the problem and desperately tried to buy off poverty pimps with Danegeld. As for B.C.’s two remaining Green MLAs, they’re clueless about everything, including their pet issue, now that Andrew Weaver’s rid of them.

But the activists who hate normality and the social engineers who want to remake society have always been closer to the NDP. So are the people who profit from this breakdown, ranging from empire-building bureaucrats (at B.C. Housing, for example) to opportunistic service providers and public sector unions. The latter represent not only government workers but staff at poverty pimp agencies, two areas of union growth.

Malcolmson might also reflect the weird liberal need to feel sorry for people they consider inferior. Some white middle class Torontonians, for example, ooze with sympathy for blacks, often expressed in a racistly condescending manner. Since roughly the late 1990s B.C.’s media, Vancouver’s especially, have been encouraging similar pity for junkies.

It remains to be seen how long that feeling lasts in the face of this entitled underclass. But the sentiment supports the line pushed by politicians like Malcolmson. The bums are victims who deserve free everything, and the people who profit from the situation are heroes.

Maybe something positive will result from her situation tables after all. It would come at an enormous cost in tax-funded free housing, unearned income and poverty pimp payouts. But what a wonderful world it would be if situation tables discourage junkies from shitting in public, or blocking entry to small businesses, or threatening and spitting on people trying to enter or leave their apartment building.

Or even maliciously destroying kids’ toys while trashing a family home in Malcolmson’s own riding.

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