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A dystopia whose time has come


Addiction, homelessness
and poverty pimps in B.C.

British Columbia and especially Vancouver might lead the planet in their encouragement of an addicted underclass. Surely that’s the cause, not the effect, of possibly the world’s most influential poverty pimp industrial complex. In lieu of insightful mainstream discourse, here are some related perspectives.


The junkie/homeless hustle:
David Eby takes charge

As B.C.’s poverty pimp premier enters office,
here’s some background on Vancouver’s contribution
to Western collapse. Read more…


Hey, David Eby:
There’s more than one way
to exploit homelessness

Has Premier John Horgan handed his
housing minister a noose? Read more…


Don’t piss off
society’s ‘most vulnerable’

Homelessness agitators might place a bounty
on your head. But this video shows how one
Maple Ridge community resisted.


Thanks to B.C. politicians

The 2020 provincial election
made this world a better place.
Read more…


The junkies are revolting

B.C. bums flaunt their power in ever more disgusting ways.
They enjoy the support of politicians and poverty pimps.
Read more…


Nanaimo’s new normal

Drug dealers, poverty pimps and big government
benefit as activists deliberately turn this B.C. city
into another addict nirvana. Read more…


Addiction advocate
heads overdose task force

Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson gets a bigger forum
to push for tax-funded drug inducements. Read more…


Killing them with euphemisms

B.C.’s chattering classes find an Orwellian strategy
to further encourage drug addiction. Read more…


A crisis of homelessness
or of public discourse?

From a B.C. journalist, of all people, comes
a challenge to official ideology. Read more…


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