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A dystopia whose time has come


Apocalyptic preoccupations


They is there, too

Rediscovered stories depict the revenge of
the inadequate in 1970s England. Read more…


Polluted purgatory

Lost souls wander the dead planet of
Joy Williams’ climate change fantasy. Read more…


Journalism of the plague years

Alex Berenson’s Pandemia chronicles Covid machinations,
especially media collaboration. Read more…


Titania McGrath’s
crusade to Canada

Wokery’s most outspoken exponent extends
her disapproval to our this country. Read more…


Could Washington royalty
lead a palace coup?

Robert Kennedy Jr. defends health and
(some semblance of) liberty against
pandemic profit and power. Read more…


Identity politics:

On the edge of self-destructing chaos?
Read more…


“A dystopia
whose time has come”

2021 Stephen Leacock award celebrates the courage
and humility of Canadian journalism. Read more…


Thanks to B.C. politicians

The 2020 provincial election
made this world a better place.
Read more…


Not so nigh after all

Michael Shellenberger’s Apocalypse Never separates
climate science from climactic incitement. Read more…


Jean Raspail, 1925-2020

Vilified but—even worse—vindicated, he saw
it coming. Read Srdja Trifkovic’s tribute…


One revolution, many fronts

George Floyd demos show the West’s mass hysteria changing
focus with increasing speed and intensity. Read more…


Decline and crash

Will the pandemic hasten
Lionel Shriver’s economic apocalypse?
Read more…


The big little country
that could

How the First World’s first failed state
finally made us proud. Read more…


Hey kids!
Don’t let them narrow
your apocalyptic horizons!!!

There’s a lot more threatening you
than climate change, even if the more
conventional doomsayers deny it. Read more…


The end is still nigh

So James Rickards found time to write
another doomsday survival guide. Read more…


“The money-conjurers”

Only a radical reset can solve the central bank
problem, says Nomi Prins. Read more…


Europe R.I.P.

What does the old continent’s demise
mean to the New World? Read more…


Quixote amid the terror

Vicious as it is, Boualem Sansal’s dystopia offers
a glimmer of hope not seen in Orwell’s work.
Read more…


As willed by Allah
and the Western elites

France surrenders to Islam, but not through war or terrorism,
in Michel Houellebecq’s novel Submission. Read more…
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