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Vancouver Zeitgeist
muses on music

A brief and random survey includes Canadian country music, Vancouver’s Cellar jazz co-op, precocious Nanaimo talent, bluegrass, R&B, truly awful blues festivals and Bob Dylan’s harmonica playing.


Salvation in Svalutation

Searching pop music for truth and transcendence,
and stuff. Read more…


Just off Broadway

The Cellar co-op left Vancouver jazz
a lasting legacy. Read more…


R.I.P. R&B

Was rhythm and blues already dead
or did Aretha Franklin’s funeral kill it?
Read more…


Misunderstood, still

A Nobel for literature leaves Bob Dylan’s
greatest gift unrecognized. Read more…


Jazz City, pop. 84,000

Does Nanaimo’s teenage talent represent a local
phenomenon or a precocious generation? Read more…


Whither the blues?

The music lives on, but not necessarily at blues festivals.
Read more…


“Living the dream”

Country and eastern comes to the coast.
Read more…


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