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You Can’t Say That

Canadian flag waves proudly

Canada, a failed nation
and failed society

Why bother despairing about a country largely characterized by sanctimoniousness, complacency, apathy or resentment? Dunno, but here’s some despair anyway.

Posts related to Canadian urban decline are listed in The Junkie/Homeless Hustle section.


Lie in peace
and bury the truth

A new book exposes Canada’s mass graves hoax,
genocide smear and reconciliation chimera.


Timeline: Canada’s genocide hysteria

Some dates and events that fomented a moral panic.


The Gleichschaltung strikes back

Danielle Smith takes a brave stand, at least initially.
But this is the province of lost causes.


Revisiting The Last of Old Europe

The continent’s going under for the third time.
Canada’s finished.


The vapidity of evil

Thoroughly stupid but empowered race hustlers
enhance regime control. Read more…


residential schools “denialism”

Canada moves closer to totalitarianism by replacing
rational discourse with emotional bullshit. Read more…


Martyred for his conformity

A cliched reporter lost one job, but more opportunities
await this typical journalist. Read more…


Will they stop at
character assassination?

Some Canadian perspectives on Robert Kennedy Jr.
Read more…


Reconciliation never

Power-drunk native leaders set a petty
and malicious example for their youth.
Read more…


No wonder UBCIC members
claim that white lady is indigenous

For 24 years, the best native leader they could find
has been “grand chief” Stewart Phillip. Read more…


Hate crime du jour

“Indian” might not be “nigger” but it’s definitely
“negro”—unless used by Indians. Read more…


Speaking penitence to power

Did Pope Francis bolster ideological fervour
more than Christian faith? Read more…


It’s all the Iraqis’ fault

Forget residential schools. The plot to genocide
Canadian natives began in Mesopotamia
many millennia ago. Read more…


Recapture the flag

Can Justine sanitize official Canada’s symbol
after its taint of dissent? Read more…


Louisiana: Legault should use
the reference in gratitude

Britain saved New France from the Cajuns’ fate
and Canada built Quebec. Read more…


The “privilege”
of getting doxxed

Another white guy loses his job—for what?
Read more…


Era of atonement

“Historical guilt” gets hysterical in the quest
for native reconciliation. Read more…


On to Ottawa, or Dover Beach

Confused armies of repression and rebellion
clash over the Truckers’ Convoy. Read more…


Rare earth muddle

An ignorant British script set in Bolivia
shows up Canadian writers. Read more…


Titania McGrath’s
crusade to Canada

Wokery’s most outspoken exponent extends
her disapproval to our this country. Read more…


That relic of the 1970s,
Ted’s dead

But Byfield’s work predeceased
him with Link. Read more…


A society immune
to “genocide” fatigue

PC propaganda aside, Canadians’ historical ignorance
allows the falsification of our past. Read more…


Identity politics:

On the edge of self-destructing chaos?
Read more…



Could it be Canada’s most
racist institution? Read more…


Post-traumatic futility disorder

Combat horror isn’t the only cause of wartime PTSD,
as Canada’s experience in Afghanistan confirms. Read more…


Canada’s “mass graves” hysteria

A wild interpretation of non-news increases
already extraordinary racial power. Read more…


The “Vancouver model”

How Canada’s gateway to the Orient became
the CCP’s entry to the West. Read more…


“A dystopia
whose time has come”

2021 Stephen Leacock award celebrates the courage
and humility of Canadian journalism. Read more…


Who’s appropriating whom?

Identity theft takes on new meaning in the
competition for special status. Read more…


Back the wrong Yank?
Prepare to get doxxed

Canada’s Anschluss-seeking establishment
just might follow its vindictive American role models.


Thanks to B.C. politicians

The 2020 provincial election
made this world a better place.
Read more…


Hagia Sophia: Maybe now
the real iconoclasm begins

As the West destroys its secular monuments,
Islam might be suggesting more important targets.
Read more…


Not surprisingly,
Central Park Karen is Canadian

The black Americans she offended might wonder
what white Canadian men go through. Read more…


Hey kids!
Don’t let them narrow
your apocalyptic horizons!!!

There’s a lot more threatening you
than climate change, even if the more
conventional doomsayers deny it. Read more…


personifies Vancouver

For grotesqueness anyway, this city
leads the social revolution. Read more…


Nineteen reasons why Canadian gangsters
should oppose open immigration

Actually more than 19 because some of them
got chopped up into smaller pieces. Read more…


Happy America Day, Toronto!

Your basketball team bonds you closer
to the country you love. Read more…



Carbon culture votes Green
in Nanaimo-Ladysmith. Read more…


Belgium dumps its
Delirium Tremens on Canada

The beer, that is, not necessarily
the withdrawal symptoms. Read more…


Just add vinegar

That seemingly Canadian condiment gives us
grounds to get chippy about inferior fries. Read more…


For once, Canada leads.
Will America follow?

President Oprah Winfrey would be the Yanks’ closest
possible imitation of our prime minister. Read more…


Canada in fucking decay?

That huge understatement notwithstanding,
Ricardo Duchesne writes the country’s “first scholarly”
critique of immigration. Read more…


Edmonton terror:
Nothing new, except the details

Ottawa’s spent nearly half a century
welcoming people who hate us. Read more…


Bienvenue au Canada
les haïtiens du Québec

If that province refuses to keep them,
the rest of us will have no choice. Read more…


“All white women are only good
for one thing. For men like me
to fuck and use like trash.”

Is Canada’s white establishment any less craven
than the UK whites who supported widespread,
systematic racist child rape? Read more…


The trials of Ernst Zundel

His opponents can dance on his grave, says David Cole.
But “in trying to suppress Zundel’s crude stereotypes,
Jews ended up personifying them.” Read more…


The establishment
doth protest too much

Even in death Barbara Kulaszka and Doug Christie present
reproachful examples to Canada’s faux activists. Read more…


Can we please change the subject?

Canadians once again embrace the Americans’
preoccupation with their president. Read more…


Maîtres chez tous

Canadian bilingualism remains an abject failure,
much to Quebec’s benefit. Read more…


British Columbia:
Laundromat to the world’s currencies

Our immigrant overclass sanitizes its cash here. How long
before foreign fortunes unite B.C. politicians with gangsters?
Read more…


Lamenting the “nation”

Recent events prompt a retrospective look
at the Julian Fantino disgrace. Read more…


What to do with
a confused white racist?

He’s a bête noire to an establishment that
might find his ignorance useful anyway. Read more…


Two actually interesting takes
on that country to the south

A Canadian warns Americans this is their last chance, an American
lambastes Canadians and others with some very surprising comments.
Read more…
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