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Recapture the flag

Can Justine sanitize official Canada’s
symbol after its taint of dissent?

July 2, 2022

Randy Fleming brutally arrested by Ontario Provincial Police

With six cops involved, five pictured here, three pinning him down
and one shoving his knee into the side of Randy Fleming’s head,
the Maple Leaf flag-carrying protester gets arrested by Ontario
Provincial Police supporters of a nearby racist native militia.


Was it deference to a violent racist militia that prompted six Ontario Provincial Police thugs to beat up, arrest and jail someone for carrying a Canadian flag?

Or was it trademark violation?

Not part of any 2022 Ottawa drama, this event took place at Caledonia in May 2009. The OPP reacted brutally when some residents staged a flag rally to peacefully protest the non-peaceful occupation of non-native land by a heavily armed racist native militia. The OPP, like the RCMP and other Canadian cops in similar circumstances, considered it their duty to ensure peaceful protesters didn’t annoy the heavily armed non-peaceful native racists. God forbid that anyone should commit the double blasphemy—against both violent native racists and Liberal Party values—of using the Canadian flag as a symbol of dissent.

The rally was the first time cops allowed the flag to be seen anywhere near the occupation “lest the mere sight of it inflame the occupiers,” wrote the late Christie Blatchford in October 2016. But as Randy Fleming walked toward the area, “three OPP vans drove past him, turned around and then drove toward him, forcing him to clamber into a ditch and then up to the higher ground of the occupied site, whereupon he was forcibly taken to the ground by a half-dozen officers, his left elbow and nerves permanently injured, and then arrested.”

The flag rally on the day when Fleming was arrested was, he testified, a response to the fact that until that date, “no one had been allowed to put up a Canadian flag on Argyle Street” [for more than three years] though the flag of the Mohawk Warriors flew all that time…
—Christie Blatchford

Incredibly a judge actually put aside the courts’ usual pro-native bias to criticize the cops for “two-tiered” law enforcement that favoured abo occupiers over non-abo residents. She awarded Fleming $300,000. The OPP appealed but the plaintiff finally collected about 10 years after those cops piled on him.


Toronto welcomes Freedom Convoy

Canada grabbed international attention
as a country-wide protest movement
put new perspective on the Maple Leaf.


Of course Canada had been a fucking mess long before this 2009 outrage. The country’s slide continues, as its government increasingly uses woke ideology for totalitarian goals, aided by an increasingly hysterical but compliant media. Just one example comes in the vilification of anti-vaccine mandate protesters. Typical smears from Justine, Jagmeet and journalists were joined last month by those of Ottawa police, who implied the Freedom Convoy was fraught with “homophobic, misogynistic, and/or racist messages.”

(The cops’ inflammatory statement responded to an inflammatory question from an Ottawa police board member which was further sensationalized by the Ottawa Citizen, showing the interaction of cops, government appointees and media with the Turdeauvian agenda.)

All that fear-mongering over anti-vacc protests?

Meanwhile the blue-moon nature of Fleming’s court victories has been demonstrated by legal harassment of prominent Freedom Convoy participants like Tamara Lich, not to mention extraordinary sanctions like freezing funding and imposing the Emergency Measures Act. Native, “environmental,” antifa and BLM activists face no comparable treatment, even when committing crimes. That’s because their demonstrations—which are not protests—further the establishment’s goal to re-make Canada.


Cancel Canada 2021

The officially maligned Freedom Convoy and its Canada Day
reprise followed last year’s officially condoned Cancel Canada
Day demonstrations, sometimes abbreviated to Cancel Canada.
Recrimination continues to replace celebration
at many July 1 events this year.


Anti-mandate demonstrations, however, are protests. Clearly they’ve done more than touch an establishment nerve. The temerity to fly the flag just grinds salt into a gaping wound.

That Liberal Party creation, with Liberal Party colours and central Canadian imagery, has normally been identified with official Canada, a 1960s social engineering program that morphed into a social revolution manipulated by Canada’s elite. Its association with the Turdeau dynasty, multiculturalism and identity politics made chumps of anyone who’d try to identify the Maple Leaf with such windmill-tilting aspirations as liberty. It was a suck-ass symbol.

At least that was the case until the flag-waving convoy began rolling across the country last January, greeted en route by flag-waving welcomers. Likely for the first significant time in its history, the Maple Leaf flag had been identified with resistance to tyranny.

Not that tyranny doesn’t have its rank and file supporters. “I want my flag back,” cried some regime suck-ups. (My flag, to the exclusion of other Canadians.) Media took up the pathetic plea. Now, on Canada Day 2022, so has the Turd himself. According to one of his CBC courtiers, “Thousands of celebrants who flocked to the national capital for Canada Day festivities heard an impassioned appeal for unity on Friday as the prime minister urged them to reclaim the Maple Leaf as a national symbol.”


Canadian flag goofs on parade

Officially acceptable flag displays often accompany flamboyant flakery.


As a “national symbol”? Whose nation, then, if it wasn’t a national symbol when in the hands of freedom proponents?

Media commentaries supported Blackface’s propaganda. Here’s one example of the ditz thought processes that characterize Canadian public discourse:

But months after the ‘Freedom Convoy’ [always in quotation marks] forced downtown Ottawa to a standstill, with Canadian flags billowing from trucks and prominently displayed in protest crowds, some Canadians are reconsidering what the flag means to them. And ever since the discovery of unmarked graves at residential schools that brought to the forefront the devastating impact of colonialism [link added] in this country, the question of whether the Canadian flag is worth rallying around has been more complicated than ever.

Predictably—as if only the lowest of the low would protest vaccine mandates—the ditz follows with references to genocide and Nazis.

We should thank the Quixotic convoy, maybe not so much for restoring a smidgen of confidence in our country as for further exposing our impending tyranny.

Meanwhile we’ll see what efforts Turdeauvians take to win the battle of the drapeau. Yet given the symbolism normally applied to any flag, it’s worth reconsidering an outdated American saying about patriotism. Canada’s prime minister, media and faux activists continually demonstrate the validity of a more up-to-date maxim: Political correctness is the last refuge of a scumbag.


July 4 update: Another national day inspires an especially good article from James Howard Kunstler, who actually sees hope for his country’s (very gradual) regeneration.

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