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A dystopia whose time has come


Vancouver Zeitgeist satire

It’s a genre Canada constantly provokes but rarely produces. Here are some efforts to alleviate the deficit.


It’s all the Iraqis’ fault

Forget residential schools. The plot to genocide
Canadian natives began in Mesopotamia
many millennia ago. Read more…


Titania McGrath’s
crusade to Canada

Wokery’s most outspoken exponent extends
her disapproval to our this country. Read more…


“A dystopia
whose time has come”

2021 Stephen Leacock award celebrates the courage
and humility of Canadian journalism. Read more…


Who’s appropriating whom?

Identity theft takes on new meaning in the
competition for special status. Read more…


Thanks to B.C. politicians

The 2020 provincial election
made this world a better place.
Read more…


The big little country
that could

How the First World’s first failed state
finally made us proud. Read more…


Just add vinegar

That seemingly Canadian condiment gives us
grounds to get chippy about inferior fries. Read more…


Elon Musk’s hidden agenda

As he makes sci-fi reality, what on Earth
motivates his mission to Mars?


Misunderstood, still

A Nobel for literature leaves Bob Dylan’s
greatest gift unrecognized. Read more…


The VSE reborn

Juniors, brokers, promoters desert Toronto
to revive the Vancouver Stock Exchange.
Read more…


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