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You Can’t Say That

Canada’s courtier journalists

What can you expect of people who transform directly from spoiled little girls to befuddled old ladies without ever having been sentient adults?

That remark applies to female journalists too.


Miner confusion,
with a Transylvanian twist

A “Canadian mining” company that’s neither Canadian
nor mining typifies many Canadian “miners.”


Remember Canada?
Rex Murphy did

He probably never realized it, but he outlived
his country by many years.


The Gleichschaltung strikes back

Danielle Smith takes a brave stand, at least initially.
But this is the province of lost causes.


They’re Lying: The Media, The Left,
and The Death of George Floyd

Will the U.S. election bring more Big Lie-induced hysteria?
Chronicles asked that question.
James Howard Kunstler expanded on the possibility.
Liz Collin documented the George Floyd hoax.
A movie summarizes her book.


The special interests
hierarchy revised

Jews down, Muslims up, the social revolution divided.


The latest trend in B.C.’s crime wave

Maybe it’s just another cry for help from
“society’s most vulnerable.” Read more…


Martyred for his conformity

A cliched reporter lost one job, but more opportunities
await this typical journalist. Read more…


Hate crime du jour

“Indian” might not be “nigger” but it’s definitely
“negro”—unless used by Indians. Read more…


The “privilege”
of getting doxxed

Another white guy loses his job—for what?
Read more…


Era of atonement

“Historical guilt” gets hysterical in the quest
for native reconciliation. Read more…


Journalism of the plague years

Alex Berenson’s Pandemia chronicles Covid machinations,
especially media collaboration. Read more…


That relic of the 1970s,
Ted’s dead

But Byfield’s work predeceased
him with Link. Read more…


A society immune
to “genocide” fatigue

PC propaganda aside, Canadians’ historical ignorance
allows the falsification of our past. Read more…



Could it be Canada’s most
racist institution? Read more…


Canada’s “mass graves” hysteria

A wild interpretation of non-news increases
already extraordinary racial power. Read more…


“A dystopia
whose time has come”

2021 Stephen Leacock award celebrates the courage
and humility of Canadian journalism. Read more…


Not so nigh after all

Michael Shellenberger’s Apocalypse Never separates
climate science from climactic incitement. Read more…


One revolution, many fronts

George Floyd demos show the West’s mass hysteria changing
focus with increasing speed and intensity. Read more…


A matter of overconfidence

Two B.C. journalists write a book.
Read more…


Hate to say it, but…

Drive-through journalism disregards
hate crimes on the Drive. Read more…


B.C.’s media unite in grief

The great man’s gone but his wit, talent and selflessness
stand as a testimonial to B.C. public discourse. Read more…


Can we please change the subject?

Canadians once again embrace the Americans’
preoccupation with their president. Read more…


Killing them with euphemisms

B.C.’s chattering classes find an Orwellian strategy
to further encourage drug addiction. Read more…


A crisis of homelessness
or of public discourse?

From a B.C. journalist, of all people, comes
a challenge to official ideology. Read more…
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