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The special interests
hierarchy revised

Jews down, Muslims up, the social revolution divided

Greg Klein | December 6, 2023


The Western world’s fanaticism has found a new target, one that’s ironic but not surprising. Although not to the same extreme, the mania pushing issues like climatism, Black Lives Matter, Canada’s mass graves hoax and kiddie sex changes has now turned against people who might share a collective sense of deja vu. Many of them also share a collective influence on the West’s demise.

This development marks the first real division within the social revolution, an all-embracing Gleichschaltung that imposes ideological conformity on personal, family and social life as well as every institution. Up to now government, the judiciary, education, medicine, news and entertainment media, big labour and big business stood united with the street-level mobs who’ve turned Orwell’s Two Minutes Hate into 24/7 vitriol. Either to enhance personal power or vent personal frustrations, their main goal is to destroy normality.

The revolution might have hit its lowest-imaginable level when all of the above supported an unprecedented campaign of perversity against children. Dissenters face legal and economic reprisals, even violence. But elements of that oppression have now turned on some of the revolution’s founders.

With that in mind, here are a few comments.


How far Jews have fallen

The ethnic group that’s the world’s most intelligent (according to IQ data for Ashkenazim), accomplished (in finance, and to some extent arts and sciences) and influential (in public policy and in pop culture, probably the West’s strongest driver of ideological conditioning) hasn’t faced such a challenge in the West since WWII and (in Eastern Europe) its aftermath. In this country even their holocaust has been trivialized in comparison with native boarding schools. And, with their new Muslim allies, social revolutionaries have found yet another “genocide” in Gaza.


A pro-Palestine demo in Vancouver

A stereotypical Jewish enthusiasm has been the West’s ethnic transformation.

The sorcerer’s apprentices

The weirdness of our time has certainly taken an ironic turn. That’s the case considering the influence of, to offer just a few examples, Marx, the Frankfurt School, Hollywood, and the innumerable mini-Soroses of academia and politics, not to mention finance.

All of that helped bring about a social revolution characterized in part by vengeful activism and wide-open immigration. Without the latter, the anti-Israel campaign wouldn’t exist in Canada beyond an insignificant fringe.


The resentment of the rabble, and maybe Islam

Much social revolution anger derives from resentment, even among those from comfortable backgrounds. That fuels their rage against normality and maybe also against the world’s most successful ethnic group.

Too, resentment could partly explain the animosity of Arabs, Iranians and other Muslims. Not just Israel’s existence, but its sophistication and degree of egalitarianism emphasize the others’ relative backwardness. Sure, long-time Western financial support, from Germany and the U.S. especially, combined with American military power, have guaranteed Israel’s survival. But that’s another testament to Jewish influence, another resentment-inducing achievement unattainable to Muslims.


Where stand the Antifa-friendly media?

These establishment courtiers lack their usual self-righteous assurance in vilifying one side and defending or sucking up to the other. But, unless the elite’s pro-Jewish faction clamps down on them, it’s not hard to imagine journalists applying their pro-Antifa terminology to a “largely peaceful” pogrom.


What happens to “the” holocaust?

The social revolution’s Antifa-types are the same kind of people who’ve subjected holocaust skeptics to doxxing and mob beatings, while Western judiciary imposed other reprisals. Jews, meanwhile, have often used their 1930s and ’40s tribulations as justification for the state of Israel (although of course Zionism was already an active movement during the previous century).

Suddenly a significant faction of the revolution considers Israel illegitimate and guilty itself of another “genocide.” Could this ease the way for critical scrutiny of the “six million” doctrine? Could it offer perspective with the other great atrocities of recent history?


Standing up for fashion

A conflict that’s been acute since at least 1947
has suddenly become a fashionable cause.

Why all this fuss about a foreign war?

Neither side has acted honourably throughout their history of conflict. Neither side has ever been Canada’s friend. The world has many wars and humanitarian outrages happening elsewhere.

But also popular this year are Covid dogs and nose rings.


Any Palestinian opportunist can get Canadian citizenship

Canada will give Palestinians citizenship in three years.
Arab countries won’t, ever.

What about Arab apartheid?

Perpetuating the Palestinians’ plight are Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, which refuse to grant citizenship and other rights to Palestinians born in those countries. Generations have done so since 1948, living a disadvantaged existence among their Arab brethren but channeling their grievance towards Israel.

Egypt sure as hell doesn’t want any of its Gaza neighbours. And no one’s suggesting the Muslim world should take in any of the Arab and African “asylum seekers” who’ve been inundating the West since at least 2016.


Nuremberg girls 1936

Unruly as they are, Antifa-types have up to now been equally obedient.

Demonstrations versus protests

Until now, Antifa-style demonstrations haven’t been protests. Like the Nuremberg rallies, they’ve been demonstrations in support of official ideology. There might have been some quibbling about how much and how soon, but the basic causes united all aspects of the establishment with street-level rabble. Justin herself stages photo-ops at events supporting causes from BLM/Antifa to sex change operations for children. Police, the judiciary and media treatment of Antifa-style behaviour contrasts dramatically with their treatment of real protests like the truckers’ convoy and anti-gender weirdness events.

This time demonstrators do challenge authority, although they do so with support from some aspects of the elite, and the Muslim participants enjoy special identity group status. The conflict pits two elite factions against each other, as well as two designated victim groups.


What a pretty demagogue

Our ruler applies a pretty face to demagogic instincts.

A revolution bringing even greater repression

The social revolution has long threatened chaos to an extent that its elite backers won’t always find tolerable. Transportation blockades, sabotage of infrastructure and disruption of essential services—all that trendy Shut Down Canada stuff—threaten the complacency of the radical chic establishment, not to mention the comfort of powerful individuals who’d otherwise benefit tangibly or intangibly from the destruction of normality. The elite and, as a designated victim group, the wider Jewish population would have to be protected from the kind of violence that’s previously been inflicted only on dissenters and neutral parties.

That could eventually require control that’s unprecedented in Canada. An anti-Semitic pogrom could provide the rationale for a regime that surpasses current levels of repression to become fully totalitarian. Ultimately, the elite could be better off than ever, a possibility that might explain why so many of its members supported the revolution in the first place.


Establishment-approved perversity

Does anyone think Muslims will sacrifice
their children to the West’s social revolution?

Another possible rift within the revolution

As they did with Black Lives Matter, Antifa-types and (this time part of) the elite have quickly allied with Muslims, who hold virtue equal to blacks due to usually non-white skin colour and also foreign culture. For example social revolutionaries—including feminists—support Muslim polygamy because it’s practised by non-whites and it’s alien to Western normality.

Yet Muslims have been prominent in Canadian protests against kiddie gender-bending, one of the social revolution’s key tenets. This uneasy alliance shows just one aspect of the instability inherent in the West’s hierarchy of special interests.

The instability portends chaos. The chaos portends repression.


Indigo store vandalism

Kristallnacht comes to Indigo Books.

Oh, and what’s so bad about Heather Reisman?

One of many Canadians metaphorically pinned with a yellow star, Indigo’s founder at least offers an alternative to the empire of totalitarianism-advocate Jeff Bezos. Consider shopping here.

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