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You Can’t Say That

Canada commits genocide

on public discourse, rationality and sanity


Lie in peace
and bury the truth

A new book exposes Canada’s mass graves hoax,
genocide smear and reconciliation chimera.


Timeline: Canada’s genocide hysteria

Some dates and events that fomented a moral panic.


residential schools “denialism”

Canada moves closer to totalitarianism by replacing
rational discourse with emotional bullshit. Read more…


Reconciliation never

Power-drunk native leaders set a petty
and malicious example for their youth. Read more…


No wonder UBCIC members
claim that white lady is indigenous

For 24 years, the best native leader they could find
has been “grand chief” Stewart Phillip. Read more…


Hate crime du jour

“Indian” might not be “nigger” but it’s definitely
“negro”—unless used by Indians. Read more…


Speaking penitence to power

Did Pope Francis bolster ideological fervour
more than Christian faith? Read more…


It’s all the Iraqis’ fault

Forget residential schools. The plot to genocide
Canadian natives began in Mesopotamia
many millennia ago. Read more…


Recapture the flag

Can Justine sanitize official Canada’s symbol
after its taint of dissent? Read more…


The “privilege”
of getting doxxed

Another white guy loses his job—for what?
Read more…


Era of atonement

“Historical guilt” gets hysterical in the quest
for native reconciliation. Read more…


A society immune
to “genocide” fatigue

PC propaganda aside, Canadians’ historical ignorance
allows the falsification of our past. Read more…


Identity politics:

On the edge of self-destructing chaos?
Read more…



Could it be Canada’s most
racist institution? Read more…


Canada’s “mass graves” hysteria

A wild interpretation of non-news increases
already extraordinary racial power. Read more…


Who’s appropriating whom?

Identity theft takes on new meaning in the
competition for special status. Read more…


One revolution, many fronts

George Floyd demos show the West’s mass hysteria changing
focus with increasing speed and intensity. Read more…


The big little country
that could

How the First World’s first failed state
finally made us proud. Read more…


Fraser River rush revisited

New research shows how gold fever brought
American warfare north of the border.
Read more…


Hate to say it, but…

Drive-through journalism disregards
hate crimes on the Drive. Read more…
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