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A dystopia whose time has come


Vancouver Zeitgeist history:
A brief and random survey

In a city where ongoing demolition and redevelopment give the past so little presence, historical awareness helps foster a sense of continuity. More importantly, it offers perspective on the present and maybe the future too.


East, West—or neither

Mingheria’s Turks and Greeks adopt artificial nationalism.
Those of Cyprus seem destined for multiculturalism.
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Covering Christian heritage
with a Muslim veil

Byzantine sites fall victim to Islamic aggression,
political ambition and maybe cultural jealousy.
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Louisiana: Legault should use
the reference in gratitude

Britain saved New France from the Cajuns’ fate
and Canada built Quebec. Read more…


That relic of the 1970s,
Ted’s dead

But Byfield’s work predeceased
him with Link. Read more…


A society immune
to “genocide” fatigue

PC propaganda aside, Canadians’ historical ignorance
allows the falsification of our past. Read more…


Identity politics:

On the edge of self-destructing chaos?
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Capital crimes

Money for Nothing re-examines
the South Sea bubble, warning of even
worse financial chaos to come. Read more…


Hagia Sophia: Maybe now
the real iconoclasm begins

As the West destroys its secular monuments,
Islam might be suggesting more important targets.
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Potosí’s legacy

A renowned but notorious mountain of silver
looms over Bolivia’s turmoil. Read more…


Just off Broadway

The Cellar co-op left Vancouver jazz
a lasting legacy. Read more…


Fraser River rush revisited

New research shows how gold fever brought
American warfare north of the border.
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The revolution didn’t need him

He’s a hero to the “left” but dead Dave Barrett’s real claim
to fame was three years of shitty government. Read more…


When B.C.’s NDP wanted coal mining—
and to run the business itself

An industry insider reveals 1970s New Democrat
tactics of resource nationalism. Read more…


When a wordsmith encountered
the Woodsmen of the West

This compelling account fell into obscurity,
probably because it took place in Canada.


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