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A dystopia whose time has come

Vancouver Zeitgeist looks at money, finance

Vancouver Zeitgeist looks at
money, finance, resources

and other dirty stories of filthy lucre


Rare earth muddle

An ignorant British script set in Bolivia
shows up Canadian writers. Read more…


The “Vancouver model”

How Canada’s gateway to the Orient became
the CCP’s entry to the West. Read more…


Capital crimes

Money for Nothing re-examines
the South Sea bubble, warning of even
worse financial chaos to come. Read more…


Decline and crash

Will the pandemic hasten
Lionel Shriver’s economic apocalypse?
Read more…


The big little country
that could

How the First World’s first failed state
finally made us proud. Read more…


Potosí’s legacy

A renowned but notorious mountain of silver
looms over Bolivia’s turmoil. Read more…


Hey kids!
Don’t let them narrow
your apocalyptic horizons!!!

There’s a lot more threatening you
than climate change, even if the more
conventional doomsayers deny it. Read more…


The end is still nigh

So James Rickards found time to write
another doomsday survival guide. Read more…


“The money-conjurers”

Only a radical reset can solve the central bank
problem, says Nomi Prins. Read more…


“The Asian century”

East has surpassed West, whether the West
knows it or not, says Peter Frankopan. Read more…


DRC on the brink

The Congo’s increasing instability heightens
critical minerals concern. Read more…


When B.C.’s NDP wanted coal mining—
and to run the business itself

An industry insider reveals 1970s New Democrat
tactics of resource nationalism. Read more…


Elon Musk’s hidden agenda

As he makes sci-fi reality, what on Earth
motivates his mission to Mars?


British Columbia:
Laundromat to the world’s currencies

Our immigrant overclass sanitizes its cash here. How long
before foreign fortunes unite B.C. politicians with gangsters?
Read more…


First they came for
the single-family houses

Skyscrapers face the scrap heap as Vancouver’s
real estate demolition derby continues. Read more…


The VSE reborn

Juniors, brokers, promoters desert Toronto
to revive the Vancouver Stock Exchange.
Read more…
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