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Turn of the Jew

As the curse of interesting times continues,
times get even more interesting

Greg Klein | January 13, 2024

Police suck up to Palestinians and beat up a white

Cops deliver coffee to an Arab protester, violence to a white protester.
Guess which incident provoked Jewish outrage.


Another outbreak of ideological hysteria, this one atypical, shows unprecedented division within the West’s Enlightened class. This wave of anti-Zionism and often outright anti-Semitism prompts further comments to a previous post, The Special Interests Hierarchy Revised.

Caledonia and elsewhere: No Jews, no matter

So a Toronto cop delivered coffee and treats to anti-Zionist, likely anti-Semitic demonstrators in a Jewish neighbourhood. A leering Arab then referred to police as “our little messengers.”

But that’s nothing compared to the decades of deference Canadian cops have shown to armed racist native militias over much of the country. Caledonia was just one example, although an especially ugly venue for anti-white violence by both abos and police. Until cops beat up an unarmed Jew trying to stage a peaceful one-person counter-protest, north Avenue Road-area residents have relatively little to complain about.

And, by the way, in the exceptionally unlikely event that sack-of-shit cops actually target a Jew for gratuitous violence, would any supportive sack-of-shit senior cop be lionized by the Canadian establishment? Despite the Caledonia disgrace, both Liberals and Conservatives tried to recruit Ontario Provincial Police chief sack of shit Julian Fantino. The Liberals won and sack of shit Fantino went on to become a sack of shit federal cabinet minister.

Recent media coverage has also played up a Palestinian demo in Toronto’s Eaton Centre. At least as rowdy and offensive, blacks have pretty well taken over the same Eaton Centre many times. For a while it was a regular weekly event that participants called Nigger Night.

As for black swarming attacks and all-out race riots, Toronto media won’t report them.


Still under the same management

Starting at least in the 1970s, while under the same management,
Hollywood instilled emotional susceptibility to the entire range
of social revolution madness.

The script served its purpose, until now

One MSM outlet actually outed a pro-Israel Jewish hypocrite, former Supreme Court SJW Rosalie Abella. She’s now criticizing the anti-Israel measure before the International Court of Justice even though she “dedicated her career to the ideology used to demonize Israel.” That comes from the National Post, Canada’s strongest media supporter of Jews and a news outlet that sometimes recognizes the obvious.

It’s beyond the pale to suggest Abella’s brand of activism typifies diaspora Jews. But even acknowledging other factors behind the West’s collapse, it’s hard to deny influences like Marx, the Frankfurt School, money and, for that matter, tendencies that have been documented back to antiquity. Maybe most of all, there’s Hollywood.

Probably more than anything else, the triumph of anti-Western ideology results from TV and movies. Propaganda in education, politics and news media just follows the Jewish invention of Hollywood, its largely Jewish producers, directors and scriptwriters, and the “entertainment” subjected to viewers starting at childhood. Devastatingly effective despite its brazen lack of subtlety, Tinseltown convinced an entire society that whites, especially white men, stink of moral inferiority, and that just about all normality stinks of evil.

Average people soak up that shit uncritically. Goyim sort of understand that a cartoon, sitcom or drama is fictional, but they tend to believe that the characters, setting and circumstances reflect reality.

White, Western inferiority is the “reality” that generations have internalized since at least the 1970s. But—far more than cognitively—they’ve done so emotionally. That’s helped bring about the Western world’s deep sense of shame, its maddeningly irrational discourse and the fervent outrage that keeps breaking out in moral panics like the Minneapolis Martyrdom and Canada’s mass graves hoax.

Now some of that vehemence has turned against Jews.

But in defence of Canucklehead Semites, it’s Jewish-American pop culture that’s influenced Canada. After Wayne and Shuster, what kind of entertainment have Canadian Jews ever produced? David Frum essays?


An American middle class gathering in Portland

If spoiled middle class American bullies turn against Jews,
their spoiled middle class Canadian imitators will surely follow.

Where’s Antifa?

Some pro-Palestinian demos have seen Antifa-type characters and behaviour, but apparently not Antifa itself. Maybe its leaders have split between loyal Jews (some of whom might be JDL/ADL leftovers) and smash-the-West Gentiles. Or maybe the group understands its funding better than did Claudine Gay.

Antifa is a big-money organization, despite pretending to be a loose-knit movement. A highly sophisticated operation with a professional inner circle and network of cells, Antifa keeps its funding secret. But plausible sources could include Soros, Tides and other foundations that might be under Jewish control, or other depthlessly deep pockets.

Could they be replaced by equally or even bigger big money from the Middle and Near East? Such sources could provide much more than the tens of thousands recently reported by the Toronto Sun1 and National Post2, amounts that almost any “anti-racist” or poverty pimp rabble can get from any level of Canadian government. Plutocrats, oligarchs, zillionaires, tyrants, torturers—who better to unleash another wave of Antifa fury?

And if anti-Israel sentiment were to prevail, Canadian Big Labour might chip in too, as well as supply additional bully boys and girls.

How might Islam influence the social revolution?

Unless Jews find a way to counteract this threat, the “six million” doctrine could become just another neo-con eccentricity.

But the social revolution’s most perverse (and therefore most aggressively pursued) doctrine is sex change operations for children. That could separate Muslims from conventional activists. On the other hand, a tacit agreement might allow co-belligerents to opt out of the revolution’s prioritized practice of child abuse.


The most recent cause celebre might further encourage white conversion to Islam

The garb would complement many Vancouver women.

Could Islam resuscitate Western activists’ dead lives?

The revolution’s new direction might encourage Mohammedan conversion, a minor trend that has already been underway. Amid the West’s increasing chaos, an ordered, even regimented lifestyle could attract confused, angry and/or demoralized whites. And we’re not supposed to say so, but some disenchanted white women crave powerful, controlling men. The child-bearing sex might also hold an instinct to join the winning side.

At any rate, most people need to believe in something. Contrary to some reports, Western civilization isn’t dying everywhere. In Canada and the U.S., it’s already dead.

What, no terrorism yet?

All that blood and guts might conflict with the West’s suicide. Possibly one or more behind-the-scenes groups have directed their jihadists to focus on Asia and Africa for the time being.

Then again if central direction does exist, it might fall apart as so many others vent anger against Israel’s allies. There are, for example, Hezbollah, other Palestinians, other Arabs, Iran of course and maybe Arab-colonized and -resettled Egypt, as well as the Arabs of more recently colonized France or any of the other European countries experiencing the Nakba of “asylum seeker” colonialism.

Um, Arab colonialism?

Yup, just to re-cap a few examples: Arab-colonized and -resettled Egypt, as well as the Arabs of more recently colonized France or any of the other European countries experiencing the Nakba of “asylum seeker” colonialism.

Then there’s Arab apartheid...

Thanks in part to Jews, whitey can’t stick up for Jews

Credit Jewish influence in part for immigration policies that welcome their adversaries, multiculturalism that forces us to tolerate them and political correctness that insists they’re morally superior to us. So partly due to Jews, we can’t tell anti-Semitic foreigners to pack their Old World animosity and fuck off.


The special interests hierarchy revised
Jews down, Muslims up, the social revolution divided


1Warren Kinsella wrote the Toronto Sun story. In a really dumb artifact of the 1990s mania against “six million” skeptics, Kinsella wrote a book portraying himself as a defender of Jews. He then had the federal Liberal Party parachute him from Ontario as an MP candidate in North Vancouver, where at least once he distributed adverts proclaiming himself the riding’s official Jewish-friendly candidate. He got trounced by a New Zealander.
As his career continued with similar lack of success, he wrote a book about himself called Kicking Ass in Canadian Politics.

2Tristin Hopper wrote the National Post story. Despite being one of the NP’s most prominent reporters he’s careless with facts, he over-generalizes and he jumps to conclusions.
On the subject of NP journalism, contributor Barbara Kay is a Jewish bigot. That’s shown by at least two articles she wrote praising The Siege of Tel Aviv, a pulp novel that contrasts Muslim inferiority with Jewish superiority.

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