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Additional posts about B.C.’s most important (and most distinctively British Columbian) issue are listed under The Junkie/Homeless Hustle.


Reconciliation never

Power-drunk native leaders set a petty
and malicious example for their youth.
Read more…


No wonder UBCIC members
claim that white lady is indigenous

For 24 years, the best native leader they could find
has been “grand chief” Stewart Phillip. Read more…


The “privilege”
of getting doxxed

Another white guy loses his job—for what?
Read more…


Era of atonement

“Historical guilt” gets hysterical in the quest
for native reconciliation. Read more…


A society immune
to “genocide” fatigue

PC propaganda aside, Canadians’ historical ignorance
allows the falsification of our past. Read more…



Could it be Canada’s most
racist institution? Read more…


Canada’s “mass graves” hysteria

A wild interpretation of non-news increases
already extraordinary racial power. Read more…


The “Vancouver model”

How Canada’s gateway to the Orient became
the CCP’s entry to the West. Read more…


Hey, David Eby:
There’s more than one way
to exploit homelessness

Has Premier John Horgan handed his
housing minister a noose? Read more…


Thanks to B.C. politicians

The 2020 provincial election
made this world a better place.
Read more…



Carbon culture votes Green
in Nanaimo-Ladysmith. Read more…


The revolution didn’t need him

He’s a hero to the “left” but dead Dave Barrett’s real claim
to fame was three years of shitty government. Read more…


When B.C.’s NDP wanted coal mining—
and to run the business itself

An industry insider reveals 1970s New Democrat
tactics of resource nationalism. Read more…


Nobody quit

But that’s no problem. The BC Liberals have plenty of others
equally unqualified for the leader’s job. Read more…


How green are their ridings?

A vehicle-deprived vagabond travels Canada’s
vehicle-dependent Green Party stronghold.
Read more…


Meet the new boss: TBA

Will the Green Weaver become the Grim Reaper
to B.C.’s brain-dead political elite? Read more…


Inadequatocracy? Blunderocracy?

However you define this government,
it’s typified by the Christy Clark problem. Read more…


First they came for
the single-family houses

Skyscrapers face the scrap heap as Vancouver’s
real estate demolition derby continues. Read more…


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